Bourjois Regard Paillete Glitter Pencil Review

When I saw the new Bourjois Regard Paillete Glitter Pencil (~$11) on display at Boots, I just could not resist! The pencil comes in four gorgeous colors – black, baby blue, teal and brown – all packed with silver glitter. I ended up bring home the black one, Noir éblouissant 31, since I just ran out of black eyeliner.


Initially, I was a little worried that the silver glitter would be too much for the day but I wore this to work and it showed up a really pretty shimmery charcoal with the right amount of sparkle. The liner also glided right on with no tugging. It stayed on really well and I only had to reline my lower lashes after a whole day of work.

This is definitely a keeper and I hope Bourjois will come out with more colors!

* This product has only been released in Europe and Japan.


  1. Hi, I love your site… its great, i check this site almost everyday…haha…just wana say keep up the great work….
    and also…i have a question…
    what is the difference between pressed and loose powder, i own both, but right now…i lose loose powder more then my pressed powder, i only use the pressed if i travel. thank you~

  2. Only in the UK and Japan, aw. Do you know of any other alternatives that are available in the US? I’d love to try a shimmery version of my usual black liner that I wear everyday.

  3. pressed powders are used mostly for touchups (hence the little compact) and they tend to provide a heavier coverage. loose powders are used for setting makeup.

  4. LOL, no you don’t know me.. Haha. (Does this sound super freaky?? Haha). I just know you lived in IL before b/c I ordered the five samples of MAC pigments from you (fab, by the way).

    And then you mentioned you were in London — but I didn’t know that you are there officially. That is so awesome.. *sigh* I wish.

  5. Hi, was wondering what you think of the DHC Q10 eye cream. my current so-so eye cream is running out and am looking for a replacement. preferably something that helps with dark circles and tightening…



  6. Hmm… this product has been out in Singapore for quite a while~~!
    If I am not wrong…there are 2 variations to it:
    – The glitter type
    – The shimmery type.

  7. Hi Carol, the DHC Q10 eye cream is very moisturizing and good for wrinkles but I don’t think it does much for undereye circles or puffiness.

  8. hey phyllis,

    merry christmas! how is london going for you? i hope you’re doing well!

    oh yea… these pencils look so pretty too. :)