Makeup Tips For Interviews

September 29, 2006

Besides having an awesome resume, looking and dressing professionally is definitely the next thing you should do to prepare for interviews.

When it comes to the makeup, a simple yet sophisticated look is what you should be going after.

Keep your skin polished yet natural. Cover up any ruddiness and flaws with foundation and concealer but do not pile everything on. Skip powder or limit it to your oiliest areas – powder can have an ageing effect on your skin.

We all know the Mimi-from-Drew-Carey-look, aka bright blue eyeshadows, can look disastrous in the office (and everywhere else). To define your eyes in the most simplistic way, stick to neutral eyeshadows, liner and mascara. In other words, no smoky eyes, over-the-top liner and spidery mascara.

You can definitely wear blush for interviews. Just remember not to go overboard and pick a color that looks natural.

A little lipstick or lipgloss would not hurt. Really dark/bright colors or ultra glossy lips are a no-no though.


  • Reply ITS SO CLOUDY!! September 30, 2006 at 11:48 am

    hey phyllis!
    can u post a tutorial on facial masks?
    which is a good brand etc?
    the paper facial masks.. im in need of major skin rewind. and whitening. and brightening… etc.
    thnx phyllz

  • Reply ballballchi September 30, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    this is my frist time for the visiting… nice to meet u

    i’ve got so many useful tips about the make up skills fm your blog, really nice!!


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