My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

    Tyra Banks did a 5 minute makeup routine on the Tyra Show. Below is my 5 minute makeup routine. Feel free to post yours too!

    Step 1
    Start with clean skin that has already been moisturized. Dot concealer under the eyes and around the nose. Blend.
    Time needed: 1 minute

    Step 2
    Brush your eyebrows upwards and fill in any sparse areas with a pencil/eyebrow powder.
    Time needed: 1 minute

    Step 3
    Line your eyes.
    Time needed: 30 seconds

    Step 4
    Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.
    Time needed: 1 minute

    Step 5
    Apply blush onto your apples and highlight your t-zone.
    Time needed: 1 minute

    Step 6
    Apply your favorite lip gloss.
    Time needed: 30 seconds


    1. Hi Phyllis, sorry if i sound like a bit of a makeup retard here…but what does it mean to “highlight your t zone”, why do you have to do that and what can you do it with? tia!

    2. I can never do a 5 minute routine, lol. It would be very nice if I could get out of the door in 15 min… but this is the most minimal I can do on a good skin day:

      1) MAC Moisture cover to cover dark circles

      2) Loose powder dust all over

      3) Do brows

      4) Curl lashes

      5) Blush

      6) Lipbalm

      but that is seldom the case 😀

    3. euh, I can’t finish my routine in 5 minutes =p but anyway this is what I usually do:

      – moisturizer, sunblock
      – base
      – foundation (optional by now, usually a routine)
      – loose powder all over
      – curl my lashes n put on mascara
      – blush

    4. Here’s mine. Not very long but it takes me wayy longer than five minutes:

      1) moisturiser with spf
      2) Dust with loose powder
      3) Line my eyes
      4) Blush
      5) Lipbalm and gloss

    5. hi! i love your website and i appreciate all the helpful advice and tips u give! i’m 16 but it takes me about an hour to get ready is that weird? this is my makeup routine:

      1. cleanse face and mousturize
      2.put on liquid foundation
      3.dust on loose powder
      4.apply eyeshadow
      5.put on eyeliner
      6.put on mascara
      7.add blush
      8.put on lipgloss

    6. If I overslept and only have 5-7 minutes for my make up I do this:
      – clean face and put on a light moisturizer
      – put on make up with fingers (apply it like cream – this is very fast!)
      – do my eyebrows
      – Mascara or Liner
      – Pinkish nude lipstick, so that I have at least a little colour on my face.

      Later on I can still blot my face with powder or put on a little bit blush and gloss.

    7. My 3-minute look (hey, I only have that sometimes, and my everyday look takes only about 5 minutes)

      -Mineral foundation. If I rush I can do this in 15 seconds!
      -Creme blush stick. Rub in with fingers.
      -Paint pot from MAC. Again, use my fingers.
      -A spritz of Fix+
      -I apply lipgloss on my way to class.