My 5 Minute Makeup Routine


Tyra Banks did a 5 minute makeup routine on the Tyra Show. Below is my 5 minute makeup routine. Feel free to post yours too!

Step 1
Start with clean skin that has already been moisturized. Dot concealer under the eyes and around the nose. Blend.
Time needed: 1 minute

Step 2
Brush your eyebrows upwards and fill in any sparse areas with a pencil/eyebrow powder.
Time needed: 1 minute

Step 3
Line your eyes.
Time needed: 30 seconds

Step 4
Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.
Time needed: 1 minute

Step 5
Apply blush onto your apples and highlight your t-zone.
Time needed: 1 minute

Step 6
Apply your favorite lip gloss.
Time needed: 30 seconds

Phyllis Li is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Makeup For Life, one of the top 50 beauty blogs that focuses on celebrity makeup breakdowns, product reviews, makeup tutorials and all things beauty. Having lived and traveled in North America, Europe and Asia, she was exposed to different techniques and products at an early age and hopes to put a global perspective towards beauty. Phyllis won the Best Content Award by Total Beauty in 2008 and has been featured in various publications and websites including ELLE,, Yahoo Shine!, AOL Stylelist, Nylon Korea, VOGUE China, Ming Pao Daily (Canada) and Shanghai Weekly. In 2010, she was appointed one of the nine Real Women Ambassadors in the United States to take part in the Latisse® Wishes Challenge, working with Hollywood celebrity Kathy Ireland and raised over $400,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant wishes for approximately 54 children. In 2012, she teamed up with luxury skincare brand TATCHA and released a limited-edition 3-Piece Set of her favorite beauty products. Phyllis currently lives in Chicago, US. She is a regular contributor to Shanghai Daily's StyleHai Magazine and a member of the Glam Beauty Network.


  1. Hi Phyllis, sorry if i sound like a bit of a makeup retard here…but what does it mean to “highlight your t zone”, why do you have to do that and what can you do it with? tia!

  2. I can never do a 5 minute routine, lol. It would be very nice if I could get out of the door in 15 min… but this is the most minimal I can do on a good skin day:

    1) MAC Moisture cover to cover dark circles

    2) Loose powder dust all over

    3) Do brows

    4) Curl lashes

    5) Blush

    6) Lipbalm

    but that is seldom the case 😀

  3. euh, I can’t finish my routine in 5 minutes =p but anyway this is what I usually do:

    – moisturizer, sunblock
    – base
    – foundation (optional by now, usually a routine)
    – loose powder all over
    – curl my lashes n put on mascara
    – blush

  4. Here’s mine. Not very long but it takes me wayy longer than five minutes:

    1) moisturiser with spf
    2) Dust with loose powder
    3) Line my eyes
    4) Blush
    5) Lipbalm and gloss

  5. hi! i love your website and i appreciate all the helpful advice and tips u give! i’m 16 but it takes me about an hour to get ready is that weird? this is my makeup routine:

    1. cleanse face and mousturize
    2.put on liquid foundation
    3.dust on loose powder
    4.apply eyeshadow
    5.put on eyeliner
    6.put on mascara
    7.add blush
    8.put on lipgloss

  6. If I overslept and only have 5-7 minutes for my make up I do this:
    – clean face and put on a light moisturizer
    – put on make up with fingers (apply it like cream – this is very fast!)
    – do my eyebrows
    – Mascara or Liner
    – Pinkish nude lipstick, so that I have at least a little colour on my face.

    Later on I can still blot my face with powder or put on a little bit blush and gloss.

  7. My 3-minute look (hey, I only have that sometimes, and my everyday look takes only about 5 minutes)

    -Mineral foundation. If I rush I can do this in 15 seconds!
    -Creme blush stick. Rub in with fingers.
    -Paint pot from MAC. Again, use my fingers.
    -A spritz of Fix+
    -I apply lipgloss on my way to class.

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