MAC Plushglass Reviews and Photos

Selling at $17.50, MAC Plushglass is the newest addition to the brand’s already gigantic lip collection.

The new gloss comes in a variety of colors that are very similar to existing MAC Lipglass shades.

Ample Pink = Lust
Wildly Lush = C-Thru
Oversexed = Sexray
Pretty Plush = Oystergirl
Cushy White = Lustrewhite
Wet, Wild, Wonderful = Oh Baby
Fulfilled = Slicked Pink
Bountiful = Flusterose
Plus Luxe = Venetian
Big Kiss = Enchantress
Foolishly Fab = Opal
Full For You = Pop Mode

Just like the Lipglass, this has a tacky texture and a vanilla scent. It applies thinner than the Lipglass and show up even sheerer than MAC Lustreglass. It is also supposed to come with a tingly sensation that plumps up your lips. However, all it did was create a super high-shine look with barely any color on me. Pass on these and get the regular Lipglass instead.


  1. omg .. i so wished that i saw your post before i bought one online T-T. hopefully i’ll feel differently about themmmmmmmmmmm !!

  2. I found your link somewhere today, and I’ve read almost all your entries XD Love your blog <33

    Do you have any suggestions on how to blend undereye-concealer well? I read your reviews, and I was going to go buy one of them. But everytime I apply concealer under my eyes, its really obvious. And it never covers =/

  3. how generous of you :)
    i have a question –
    what is the difference between pressed foundation and pressed powder? they both have a powdery finish.. i bought a pressed foundation from chanel today but i wonder if i made a mistake b/c i was planning to buy pressed powder :( if i wore liquid foundation underneath pressed foundation would it be too much? thanks!

  4. Jessica: sorry I’ve been really really busy but I’ll try to squeeze in the time to do an entry on blending concealer next week.

    Juny: imho, pressed powder foundation is a little heavier than regular pressed powder – I usually use the latter for touchups. If you’re going for a more natural look, I’d say just use either pressed powder foundation or do liquid and set with loose powder.