Summer Beauty Trends in Milan

Hey ladies, sorry for not updating! I just got back from the world’s most awesome fashion capital, Milan. Jealous huh? Just kidding! Anyway, here is my little report on what’s hot in Milan (other than the Italian boys! *lol*)

Different styles are spotted all over Milan but they can be narrowed down to the following:

* Choppy with lots and lots of layers
* Long straight hair with bangs
* Variations of the mohawk (think fauxhawk, fanned hawk, deathhawk)

When it comes to makeup, the look is kept very simple and clean. Minimal colors are used on the eyes and lips and a monochromatic theme is the key here. Bronze skin is also a must.

As for accessories, you will never see a Milanese without:

* Aviator shades
* Chunky necklaces
* Dogs (they literally bring their dogs everywhere!)


  1. awww…i wanna go to milan! i got a little taste of italian guys in little italy when i went to nyc and they are HOT lol. and europeans r always so updated in fashion by like a year, i’m jealous!

  2. hey phyllis!! no wonder i didnt see u online for so long!! haha well let me know when u come over, to meet me okay/?? see ya