Perfect Blush for Asian Skin


Here are a couple of ways to find the right color for your blush:

1. According to Bobbi Brown, the perfect shade of blush should match the color of your cheeks when your skin is flushed or when you are working out. In other words, pick a rosy or peachy shade

2. Noelle Wong claims that the perfect blush color is the one that matches the pink/red that shows on your fingertips (palms up). Simply compare the color of your fingertips to the different shades at make up counters and pick the one that matches the most.

Color Recommendations
Pale Skin: Light pinks and corals are the way to go. Steer clear of anything dark or bright to avoid looking like a clown.

Yellow-toned: Warm pinks, plums and roses will flatter a yellow complexion. Stay away from brown shades that can bring your skin’s natural vibrancy down.

Dark Skin: Warm, tropical tones look hot on dark skin – think warm, terracotta shades, deep plums, and brown pinks or peaches. Avoid light colors at all cost because they will look ashy or may not show up on your skin.

Rule of Thumb
Remember the darker your skintone, the darker your blush color should be.

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  1. thanks so much for this post. I did not know which blush would flatter me the most! i’m on the hunt for the “perfect blush” right now (:

  2. the wonders of blush! :)
    i use clinique at the moment but once i use it up i want to try nars blushes..
    i’m pale-skinned – what color would you recommend from nars?

  3. hey Robbin, it’s really not that hard to find the right blush to make your cheeks pop. Good luck with your search! =)

  4. I *love* NARS’ blushes! Here are some of my favorites:

    Desire: matte bright pink
    Orgasm: peachy pink with golden shimmer
    Sin: dark berry with gold shimmer
    Torrid: kind of similar to Orgasm but more coral
    Outlaw: rose with shimmer

    I personally would suggest Desire and Orgasm if you have pale skin. Desire looks kind of bright in the pan but if you apply with a light hand, it will give you a doll look. As for Orgasm, I love it on all skintones. You can also try Milani’s Luminous – it’s a great knockoff of Orgasm.

  5. I need a more brown than pink blush. The MA recomended me “Gingerly”, but I’m affraid it could be a little orangy. I have to try it again.

  6. hi, i am asian and i have an in-between of medium skin tone. i wouldn’t say i’m dark, but maybe a bit yellow? anyway, what do you think of NAR’S “madly”?

    i know people say asians should stick to pinks, and peaches, but i really want to steer away from pink.

    any suggestions?

  7. hi. i am asian with medium, yellow, and olive tones. if i want something that isn’t pink what colours should i go with?

    i recently purchased NARS “madly”. any suggestions?

  8. my skin is naturally already blushing and red, instead i want to tone it down a bit would foundation be the thing?

  9. I found this site from someone on Absolutely love the makeup information. You really know your stuff! Will continue to come back.

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