Foundation Tips: How To Look Natural With Foundation

Want to know how to make your foundation melt into your skin and look uber natural? Here are a few tricks you can use.

* Less is more. It is easier to build up the coverage than tone it down. Always start with little amounts then add in more if necessary.

* Using a foundation brush can help to give an airbrushed look. I highly recommend MAC #190 foundation brush.

* Set your foundation with a spray to take away any cakiness. Try MAC Fix+, rosewater or even just spring water. Make sure you spray from at least 6-7 inches away.

* Check under natural light to make sure there are no streaks.

* For a natural look, use a tinted moisturizer or simply make your own by mixing your foundation with your moisturizer.

* When you blend foundation, start from the center of your face and blend outwards using light, downward strokes. Powder only your oiliest area to avoid looking too made up.

* If you have applied too much, tone it down by running a slightly damp sponge over your skin.


  1. I’d like to add that a cosmetic wedge does wonders for smoothing out application, as long as you wet it first

  2. I went to MAC yesterday and I found myself hesitant in asking for a makeover. What exactly is the best way to approach a makeup artist? I feel self conscious and embarrassed when doing so!

  3. wedges are good too but make sure the pores aren’t too big or they’ll end up soaking up your foundation.

  4. Most places do not offer full makeovers for free. Usually you have to make an appointment and pay $30-50 which are redeemable in product. But if you want to try out a certain product, all you have to do is go up to a sales person and tell him/her directly. Remember those people are there to help you so you have no reason to feel intimidated.

  5. Geneve, to cover up a birthmark, I would suggest using something with a heavier coverage. Covermark and Ben Nye both make some really good foundations with heavy coverage.

    I would not suggest using these on a regular basis though cos they do have the tendency to clog your pores and do more damage to your skin.

  6. Like I said in the entry, spray from at least 6-7 inches away so your face will not be dripping wet. Also, you are spraying it all over and not just on your eye area so it should not affect your eye makeup.

  7. No matter what I do, I just cannot keep my under eye area squeaky clean. What do you do? I’m just tired of keep retouching concealer throughout the day… Thank you!

  8. Try using a waterproof eyeliner like MAC’s Liquidlast and waterproof mascara. Remember to also powder your undereye area after you have applied your concealer to set it.

  9. Hi Phyllis!
    I was just wondering how you would apply foundation w/o looking caked and heavy on acne prone skin? what product/s would you reccomend?

  10. i need to cover a birthmark daily:

    i use Smashbox conversion cream to powder foundation. it can be lightweight but you can build the color to be heavy. it comes in a compact with a pad.

    i basically use it not all over the face but as a spot concealer since it covers a region of my cheek; the color match becomes very important because of this.

    i’m aware of other products that are actually meant for flaw coverage, but these all actually seem less versatile than this product. the only problem i have is that its not waterproof (which might actually be good since i wear it every day!) so i can’t touch my face where it is.

  11. IbelieveG33,

    Yes you can make your very own tinted moisturizer by mixing liquid foundation with your moisturizer. I don’t see how powder would work though.