MAC Lure Collection Reviews

June 1, 2006

MAC’s Lure Collection FINALLY came out today! All the colors are really pretty and will look great on any skintone.

Eyeshadows ($13.50)

* Black Tied – This is a repromote. The color is a black with tons of silver glitter. It is pretty but you will experience fall out with the glitter. I highly suggest getting Jane’s Clubbing instead as a close dupe.

* Waternymph – Described as a “turquoise with emerald pearl”, this is a new shade and the first to catch my eye. It is very pigmented and looks really similar to MAC’s Shimmermoss eyeshadow. I got the ma to do a side-by-side swatch of both colors and Waternymph looks darker and more pigmented than Shimmermoss. Another close match is MAC’s Teal pigment.

* Idol Eyes – This is another repromote. It is a silver violet with gold chunky glitter. The color is really pretty but the texture might be a little more difficult to work with.

* Aquavert – This new shade is a “pale yellowish green with white pearl”. It has great pigmentation and while the color is pretty, it is nothing too special.

* Maneater – This is a “pale lilac with purple pearl”. The color is kind of similar to MAC’s Lavendar Sky, another Veluxe Pearl. Maneater is slightly lighter and more silvery but like Lavendar Sky, it is gorgeous and highly pigmented. This looks uber sexy when paired with Waternymph.

* Sea Myth – This is a new shade. Described as an “off-white with pink pearl”, it looks a little like a pink version of MAC’s Vex eyeshadow. Like the other eyeshadows, this is also highly pigmented.

Fluidlines ($14.50)
These are all new and limited edition.

* Delphic – This is a “radiating turquoise with silver pearl”. It looks lighter than the picture on the left in person and is super gorgeous! It reminds me of MAC’s Surreal eyeshadow but with more blue in it. I love wearing on along my lower lashline – it makes my brown eyes pop!

* Haunting – This is a “mid-tone plum”. Like Delphic, this is really pretty!

* Nightfish – This “soft black” is a softer version of MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline and looks more like a gray with brown undertones. If you find Blacktrack to be too harsh, definitely check this out!

Lipglass ($14)

* Bait – Iris-Pink with gold pearl (Glitter)
* Pink Clash – Golden Pink-Peach with pearl (Frost)
* Sex Ray – On my lips, this “fiery Magenta with gold pearl” showed up as a very bright red with tons of gold glitter. It is pretty but a little too much for my taste.
* Phosphorelle – Milky White with red pearl (Frost)

Lipstick ($14)

* Lure – Burgundy with silver pearl (Glaze)
* Stroke of Lust – Soft cool pink with frost (Lustre)
* Pretty Please – Pale perliges Pink (Lustre)
* Goddess – Pinkish beige (Frost)

Blushcreme Pearl ($18)

* Lune Zartes – Peach with gold pearl
* Maidenchant – Mid-Tone Pink with silver pearl

Overall, I find this to be the perfect collection for the summer.


  • Reply Robbin June 3, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    I, as well, love the summer collection!

    btw, I’ve been wanting to start wearing mineral makeup (like bare escentuals).
    If you have any experience with it, can you please do a post on mineral makeup? thanks.

  • Reply Karen June 3, 2006 at 10:27 pm

    It’s so nice to see your reviews! I ordered Waternymph, Aquavert, and Delphic online. Now, I regret for not buying Mancatcher!!!
    I lost brush #239 and it’s really a great brush!
    You finally got into red lippies? I got NARS Dragon Girl and Scandal. I look pretty funny in them, like a little girl in mummy’s lipstick. LOL.

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