How To: Rock Green Eyeshadow

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Published on March 17, 2006 with 15 Comments

Since it is St. Patty’s day, I would like to write about one of my favorite eyeshadow colors – green. As we all know, green is notorious for making brown eyes pop. It is also an uber versatile color – you can pair it with blue, purple, gold, black and brown plus you can create different looks with different greens. For a sultry look, do a smoky eye with a darker, mossy green. If you just want a hint of color to brighten up your eyes, pick a pastel green. Go with a bright green when you’re in a fun mood. Below are some of my picks that would look *hot* on Asian eyes:

* MAC Emerald Green Pigment
* MAC Chartruese Pigment
* MAC Green Gamin eyeshadow
* MAC Humid eyeshadow
* MAC Sprout eyeshadow
* MAC Swimming eyeshadow
* Stila Kiwi eyeshadow
* Shu Uemura ME Green 555 eyeshadow
* Shu Uemura ME Green 550 eyeshadow
* Urban Decay Mildew eyeshadow
* Jane Twilight Zone eyeshadow
* Milani Clover eyeshadow


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  1. i have MAC’S Aquadisiac! it was my first eyeshadow of MAC! hehe

  2. I have it too – it’s *so* pretty!

  3. I don’t know if you covered this in any of your entries…but is there any way to cover/improve bags under your eyes? I have a slight bag/wrinkle (I’m 19)…

  4. also, what makeup brushes do you recommend all girls have? there’s so many makeup brushes out there it’s confusing…btw i LOVE your blog!

  5. oops…i looked back through your entries and i found you covered the topic on makeup brushes…thanks!

  6. hi – which order should u put primer, concealer and foundation in? ye cuz everytime i use foundation it kinda looks dry around my nose. thanks a lot!

  7. is sprout d/c?

  8. hi, you should put primer on first – primer is supposed to prep your skin for makeup. some people do concealer first then foundation, but I prefer doing foundation before concealer. I only use concealer if my foundation isn’t enough to cover everything. if you have clear skin, i would suggest skipping foundation and using concealer to cover up redness, zits or undereye circles.

    if your skin looks dry after you have foundation on, make sure you moisturize your skin before you put on makeup. you should also pick a liquid or cream foundation. skip powder entirely or use it only on areas that are prone to get oily.

  9. phyllis,

    this is a great blog! you have so much great advice! I just found this site maybe you should become a part of it!
    Looks cool!

  10. hi~
    i was wondering, do moisturizers w/ SPF 15-30 have any effect on foundations? do the foundations “melt” or oxidize faster on top of SPF moisturizers?


  11. hey your site is great i love it! do you think you could to a blush review? thanks.

  12. I’m already working on some blush reviews… I’ll prolly publish them tomorrow or on Friday.

  13. Sunscreens tend to make your skin more greasy and hence, your foundation might not stay on as well. Another thing about wearing sunscreen under foundation is that it would make you look washed-out in pictures. I will explain this in more details in a later entry.

  14. I recently purchased a bunch of green eyeshadows. I got a Rimmel set of green, as well as golder’s green and green brown from MAC. I was wondering how I should use them properly because I have tried to do a smokey green eye and it looks retarded on me. I am asian with no double lid so it is hard for me to pull of smokey eyes. Please help! It would be a shame to have my new shadows sit and collect dust!

  15. Hey Phyllis!
    I really think you should try out Too Faced duo eyepallettes. The colours are GORGEOUS and they go on super pigmented. I have lucky charms and fantasy island…. the one drawback is that they tend to fade quickly. But that is easily solved with a little bit of eyeshadow primer :)

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