Dry Skin Regime

Someone wanted me to post my skincare regime so here it is. FYI, I have dry, sensitive skin with freckles. I hardly break out but I do get a zit or two occasionally.

* MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
* Oil of Olay Hydrating Beauty Fluid
* Coppertone WaterBabies Sunscreen Lotion Spray

* Ponds Bare & Repair Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover
* Ponds Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
* Witch Hazel
* Benefit Eyecon
* Oil of Olay Hydrating Beauty Fluid or DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture if my skin is extra dry

If you have dry skin, you might also want to try doing the following:

* Exfoliate once to twice a week to get rid of flakes. I love MAC’s Microfine Refinisher.

* Use those Asian hydrating paper masks once to twice a week. Kose, Kanebo and Shisedo all make good masks.

* Drink a lot of water.

* Put some rosewater extract into a spray bottle and mist on your face regularly.

* Take vitamin E pills.

* Carry a jar of Vaseline with you. It works on any dry spots.

Updated Regime (9/14/06)

* DHC Q10 Eye Cream
* Easy Care Milky Lotion for Dry Skin
* Biotherm Sunfitness Gel Cream with SPF 15

* Ponds Bare & Repair Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover
* Kose Softymo Super-cleansing Oil
* Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser
* DHC Q10 Eye Cream
* Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisturizing Gel-Cream


  1. Hey, I’m new and i love your site, so helpful and full of usefull info, i just wanted to ask where did u buy ur Oil of Olay Hydrating Beauty Fluid i tried to find it but all i saw was Oil of Olay “Active” Hydrating Beauty Fluid is it the same?

  2. I got mine at either Walmart or Meijer. I believe most drugstores carry them and yes the beauty fluid = active beauty fluid.

  3. Hey! thank you so mush, umm one more question what is witch hazel and what does it do, i have dry skin as well, and its had to find product that doesnt dry out my skin so much that it flakes.

    Oh and thanks again :)

  4. i always thought clean and clear pore cleanser will give a tight and squeaky clean feel after wash. mostly for oily skin? i have dry skin too. may i know if it’s a risk for me? btw, how to make rose water. =)

  5. hey Rose_Garnet, witch hazel is basically a plant. Its extract has been used to treat bruises and as an astringent. Just remember to pick one without alcohol since it might dry out your skin.

  6. Ju, I tried one of C&C’s cleansers before and it dried my skin out terribly. But my sister recommended the Daily Pore Cleanser and surprisingly, it left my dry skin feeling clean and uber smooth (prolly because of the microbeads). I can’t say for sure whether it will work for you or not since different people react differently to different products but I guess it would not hurt giving it a shot. The cleanser only retails for a few bucks plus you can always stop using it right away.

  7. hi ~*julianie*~, my sister recommended the Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisturizing Gel-Cream and so far, I really like it. It is not thick or oily and it keeps my dry skin soft and supple during summer/fall. I probably would need a heavier moisturizer during winter though.

  8. Yes I have tried Cetaphil and their cleanser is good if you have dry, sensitive skin and do not wear a ton of makeup.

  9. Have you heard about the book on the 16 skin types, written by Leslie Baumann? I picked it up at a bookstore and found it very helpful, as the test is pretty accurate and the information given per type turned out to be really true when I took the test with a few friends. It also tells which ingredients in skincare products are good or bad for each type.

    And how do you prevent your eye area to become too dry from (powder) eyeshadows? Do you always use a (moisturising) base?

  10. hi.. may i ask.. I’m having outbreaks now, I feel tightness and dry on my both cheeks after cleansing it and I found it looks oily when i applied moisturizer. Especially during hot day when i came back from home. I’m using anti-shine regulating lotion right now, am I using wrong moisturizer or? and i aren’t sure whether should i use any mask?
    by the way, i don’t put on make up now.

  11. I know this may seem like a dumb comment but I always notice you describe your facial skin as “freckled”. I have seen plenty of your FOTD photos and have never really seen them. I personally think freckles are pretty (I wish I had more than I do!) so I was wondering why you never let them show through. I am super curious to see what your so-talked-about freckles look like!

  12. To add to my previous comment… I think you are an absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s girl :)
    I am a big fan of your blog!