Blush Review: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush

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Published on March 23, 2006 with 9 Comments

I will be starting off a list of blush reviews as requested by some of you. I personally prefer powder blushes over cream because they last longer and are easier to apply. Plus when you use a cream blush and blend too much, you might end up rubbing the color off.

Bourjois Little Round Pot BlushTo start off, let’s look at Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush, the the product that got Bourjois its fame.

The blush comes in a cute round pot with a built-in mirror and brush so you can apply on the go. It also has a baked texture that transforms into an ultra-fine pressed powder. I have Rose D’or 34, a shimmery rose petal pink color that is too too gorgeous to resist. The powder goes on super pigmented with a sweet rosy smell and when I apply this on my apples, it makes me look like a doll. I’m definitely going to start collecting these.

Below is a picture of me wearing the Rose D’or 34:

Wearing Bourjois Rose D'or 34 Blush


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  1. thank you this is great! i was wondering, are all of these powder?

  2. nope the last three are all cream blushes.

  3. hello, how about the chanel lumieres swirl blush (limited edition)? is it good?

  4. hav u ever tried bourjois? ive heard many good things about it

  5. Yes I have tried Bourjois as well. I will update this entry in a bit.

  6. for the powder blushes would you use an actual powder brush or the little one that comes with it? thankss =]

  7. Nope I don’t ever use the little brush that comes with the blush because they are usually too flimsy and completely useless. I highly recommend MAC’s #187 Stippling brush and #168 Large Contour Angled Brush for applying blushes.

  8. Hi Phyllis, I was wondering if you have ever tried benetint or posietint? I am very tempted to try them myself!

  9. Heyyyyyy
    so the luminous is basically the same as orgasm?
    there must be some difference with orgasm

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