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MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush Review and Photos

January 12, 2014

Last year, M·A·C Cosmetics launched Masterclass Brushes, a new collection of 3 new and permanent multi-purpose brushes for the eye, cheeks and face. The brushes flew off the shelves right away and it took me a few weeks to finally get ahold of the Oval 3 Brush.

MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush

According to MAC, the Oval 3 was designed to apply powder or cream shadows, powder and liquid or cream concealer. It comes with a long, glossy black handle with a special grip design, which resembles a toothbrush. The brush itself has an elongated, oval shape with a slightly pointed tip. It measures 15mm in width, 10mm in length and 8mm in thickness. The bristles are made out synthetic fibers that felt dense but gentle on the skin. They also held up very well after several washes without shedding or splaying.

While the Oval 3 serves different purposes, I use it mostly to apply liquid and cream-based foundation and concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and to contour the nose. I do that by holding the brush vertically, then gently tapping the product into the skin. Not only does this help blend the product into my skin seamlessly, it has a very nice massaging effect, especially for the eye area.

Now I just need to get myself the Oval 6 as well!

Closeup of MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush

Closeup of MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush

Holding MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush

Holding MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush

MAC Masterclass Oval 3 Brush is available at MAC stores and exclusively for $32. The PRO discount does not apply to this.

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  • Reply STEPHANIE January 12, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    this is such an interesting concept, I dont think I’ve seen this shaped brush anywhere else before?

    swing by my blog too check it out! xxx

  • Reply Ylona January 18, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks for the review!!!
    They look like toothbrush or hair brush.
    One of the reason i like makeup is the similitude with painting an art pièce.
    Those brushes just change entirely the way you hold the makeup brushes.
    From “painting” your face, the feeling become like to clean the teeth or to do your hairs.
    It “doesnt make me dream”.

    But if the result is better than any very good traditional shaped brushes, like Tom Ford or Hakuhodo for example, it may be interesting.
    If not, i certainly would still prefer traditional shapes.

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