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  • Updated Navigation Bar

    Updated Navigation Bar

    by on May 18, 2006 | 3 Comments

    To make things easier for you guys, I have categorized my past entries and listed them under the archives. Now all you gotta do is put your mouse over a…

  • Japanese Makeup

    Japanese Makeup

    by on May 17, 2006 | 14 Comments

    When it comes to makeup, I think Japan has definitely got some of the best products! I used to have easy access to all these wonderful Japanese brands when I…

  • *Please Read This*

    *Please Read This*

    by on May 11, 2006 | 11 Comments

    Hey guys, I just found out that the comment moderation function is messed up. If you left a comment and it has not been published, it is not because I…

  • by on May 10, 2006 | 5 Comments

    Hey guys, sorry for not updating this blog as much as before. A lot has been going on lately and I’m trying very hard to cope. Feel free to leave…

  • New Pigments!!!

    New Pigments!!!

    by on Apr 17, 2006 | 8 Comments

    Good news to all you pigment lovers out there – MAC is launching a new collection called She Shines with 7 new pigments in mid-June! Here’s some info on the…

  • Free Makeovers

    Free Makeovers

    by on Mar 08, 2006 | 13 Comments

    Anyone around the Chicago area wanna get a makeover? I live in the northside (near Boystown) and I will do your makeup for free. If you are interested, leave a…