Here’s a picture of my pigments so you all can stop wondering what the different shades look like *lol*


I was surfing and wanted to share these pictures:

A typical yet pretty Asian look

Love the tropical colors!

I *love* vibrant colors on dark skin!

Can I say hotttttttttttt?!!


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When it comes to makeup, I think Japan has definitely got some of the best products! I used to have easy access to all these wonderful Japanese brands when I was living in Hong Kong but now that I am living in the US, I can only drool over them online *sigh* Anyway, here are some links to a few brands that I really like. These sites have a lot of info on them – clips, makeup breakdowns, product info etc. Check them out!



Maquillage (formerly known as Pied Nus)
Majolica Majorca
S & Co.
Inoui ID
Conveni’s Beauty

Baby Pink


Kesalan Patharan

Product Recommendations

Base Products: RMK, Kesalan Patharan, Inoui ID
Lipglosses: Baby Pink, Parado
Eyeshadows: T’estimo, Majolica Majorca, Kate, Maquillage
Mascara: Fasio, Dramatical, Visee
Eyeliner: Majolica Majorca, Inoui ID


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