Want to learn a new trick or two on how to put the best possible face forward? You are in luck! Marcel Nars, the companion to NARS’ Founder and Creative Director, François Nars, will be making a special virtual Personal Appearance on Twitter and Facebook!

All you have to do is follow @NARSISSIST on Twitter and submit questions with the special #MarcelNars hashtag and Marcel will answer them on July 22 at 1PM EST. If you are on Facebook, you can also fan facebook.com/narscosmetics and logon on July 22 at 2PM EST to ask questions LIVE!

joeyZEN asked: Do you know of any foundations/powders that would hide dry spots? Like I have these dry, peely patches around my forehead and near my nose that show up REALLY bad when I have any powder on. I still have yet to find something that may hide it or reduce the “peely” presentation. Do you have any tips or advice? I’ve already tried exfoliators, concealers and applying additional coats of moisturizer after the powder but it only works for a short period of time.”

The weekly Q&A section is finally back and this week, Yael wanted to learn more about the different ways to apply eyeshadows:

“I want to try a different way of applying eyeshadows but have no idea how! I keep using a light color up to above the crease with something dark on the lid. Any suggestions?”