Teaser for next week

I have gotten quite a number of requests on more entries about eye makeup so I will focus on this topic in this coming week. Stay tuned!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette SPF 35 Review

MAC’s latest Conceal Collection brings us the Studio Finish Concealer Palette SPF 35 ($17.50), a palette with 3 shades of MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

Barbie Loves MAC Collection Product Information

Mark your calendars girls! MAC has teamed up with Mattel to develop a Barbie collection and the release date for the US is February 15th. This is *too* hot!

D’feel Mascara For Long Lasting Curl!

Saw this in a magazine recently and thought it was one of the coolest Asian beauty gadgets ever invented! It is basically an eyelash curler combined with a finishing spray to help your lashes stay curled and smudge-free for over 12 hours.