Runway Makeup Face Chart: Rodarte Spring 2010

“Tough beauty coming out of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. A mix between gang girls of early LA and condors – terrifying but devastatingly beautiful.” – James Kaliardos

Runway Makeup Face Chart: Maladrino at Spring 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

“Ethnic, tribal, desert sungirls. A rough, destroyed look – inspired by Sudanese clans, Peruvian tribes, Saharan nomads and Polynesian natives.” – Tom Pecheux.

Runway Makeup Face Chart: Zac Posen at Spring 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

“A mix of Degas ballerinas and Jean Shrimpton from the 1960s. Graceful and delicate like a watercolour painting, colours blended like hydrangeas.” – Stephane Marais