New BB Creams With Vibrating Puff Applicators!

After the roll-ons and compacts comes another BB cream invention – a vibrating puff applicator that you use to apply the product.

New BB creams with vibrating applicators

Similar to the idea behind the Lancome Oscillation Powerfoundation that launched in 2009, these new, battery-operated vibrating applicators are said to vibrate over 10,000 times per minute to give the smoothest, most even application you can’t achieve any other way. All you have to do is apply the BB cream directly over the sponge that is attached to the applicator, turn on the device, run it over your face and let it do its job. Brands that currently make these vibrating applicators include BRTC, Etude, It’s Skin and HAAN Beauty. Word has it that Missha is going to be launching one very soon too.

Has anyone tried one of these? I’m dying to find out if the applicator really makes a difference and am getting one ASAP to try out with both BB creams and liquid foundations. You think this will become the next big thing?

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  1. I tried the one from IPKN and it was AMAZING. Seriously I couldn’t even tell the difference between my skin and where the BB cream was placed. I really had to strain my eyes to do so. The kits are sometimes expensive but I think the fact that these often come with replaceable sponges, I definitely don’t mind splurging a little! :)