Poll: What Type Of Eyeliner Do You Prefer?

Eyeliner is one of my top 5 beauty must-haves and I use it everyday to make my peepers appear bigger and my lashes fuller. My favorite type of eyeliner? Liquid. Not only does it provide more precision, it stays on longer plus how can you beat the dramatic effect it gives? What about you ladies?

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  1. eek, this is tough! If I absolutely had to choose one, I’d probably go with gel. I love how easy it is to use, plus it can look just as dramatic as liquid liner. I’m only now getting the hang of liquid liner, and while I love how it looks, I can only use the ones that come w/ superfine pen tips, otherwise my line just goes all over the place. I also love pencil liners (especially creamy pencil liners), but they’re never as dramatic and precise.

  2. Personally I love liquid also. I have Asian eyes with an eye crease, but when I wear pencil, although I love the way it looks, it seems to always smear into my crease because my eyelids are also oily. I use Sephora’s liquid eyeliner, and it stays in place without any transfer to under my crease, even with all day wear!

  3. liquid! it is the only type of eyeliner that will stay on my eyelid all day with no smudging :) yay to no raccoon eyes! nothing is worse than wearing pencil or gel eyeliner and having it smudge till you get a dark ring around your eyes….worse thing is that you didn’t even notice :( booo, happens all the time when i don’t wear liquid eyeliner