NOTD: Bling Up Black Angel Nail Tips

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Published on October 13, 2010 with 5 Comments

Finally got to try out the new nail tips I got from! Read on for more pics and a brief review!

Wearing Bling Up Black Angel Nail Tips

Wearing Bling Up Black Angel Nail Tips

The supa dupa cute nail tips come in a pink box, along with a nail glue, double-sided nail tape, nail file and even extra gems and in case they fall off. Thanks to Bling Up’s awesome customer service, you can get a free sizing kit to make sure u have the right sizes and mine perfectly without any discomfort.

Application was relatively easy with the nail glue. It has been a few hours since I put the nails on and so far everything stayed on pretty well.

My only gripe is the length. I prefer shorter nails and these are just a teeny bit too long for my taste. Nonetheless, it’s not a biggie and I’m still typing fine. I will post an update in a few days!

The Bling Up Black Angel Nail Tips is now available at for $40.99.

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  1. Aw how darling! I wish I was capable of wearing glued-on stuff on my nails. I really don’t have the patients or the skills to wear it lol.

  2. Wow they look fabulous….Your nails look sooo beautiful!Lovely blog…Try checking out mine.

  3. Wow…they look fancy! You got skill :)

    • I wish it was all me! All I did was glue the tips on. The designs were done by Bling Up.

  4. Wow they look awesome but really pricey :/
    Theres a site called

    i orderd a pair and there really good! Especially for the price too! Free shipping, couldnt help it :D

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