How To: Apply Fake Nail Tips

October 28, 2010

After wearing and loving those gorgeous Black Angel nail tips I showed you a while back, I sat down with Su, the owner of, for a few pointers on how to rock nail tips.

MUFL: I love your idea of delivering customized nail tips straight to consumers – it saves so much time and the designs are totally to die for! How did you come up with it?
Su: I’ve always loved the creative artwork done by nail artists in Asia and saw a lack of designs and artists here in the U.S. That, combined with my own problems with my personal nail tip size sent me on a journey to establish relationships with those artists that I already purchase from, and to bring these nail arts to those who share my passion and enjoyment of these nail tips.

MUFL: Do you have any tips on applying nail tips, especially for beginners?
Su: I would not use the double sided tapes for the French styles that have a clear bottom. I would also file your nail with the soft file before applying the nail tips. This will allow a better bond between your nail, and the nail tips. If you plan to wear your nail tips for an extended period of time (2 weeks or more), I would strongly recommend filing your nail with the included soft file.

MUFL: What is the biggest difference between using nail glue and double-sided tape?
Su: Double sided tape really is for temporary use. Perhaps an elegant evening out or a night on the town. It should be used only for those who wish to wear the nail tip for a few hours (half day max) and will need to be removed. It’s also useful if you plan to change designs often. The nail glue option is definitely more permanent. It allows you to wear the nail tip for up to 4 weeks with the proper care and can be worn from day to day.

MUFL: How do you remove the nail tips?
Su: For double sided tape, press the base of the nail tip down and use a toothpick or cuticle pusher to slowly separate it from your cuticle. Do not pull on the nail tip as this could cause damage to your nail bed. For nail glue, soak your nails in warm water for 10 minutes. The various pieces should begin to peel on their own, or will lift. There will be areas where you will start to see a crack, or edge will appear, which you can use to gently remove the nails.Do not use acetone to remove your nail tips. Doing so will not only damage your nail tips, but the nails on your finger as well. Afterwards, take the soft nail file that’s included with every order, and gently file your nail. This will reduce and remove areas of glue that may still be left on your nail bed.

MUFL: Can you reuse the nails tips? What can you do to keep them in the best condition?
Su: Yes, our nail tips are definitely reusable with a little bit of care and maintenance. We suggest applying a top coat over the nail tips a few times a week if you plan to use them again. Obviously, the environment within which the nails are exposed to and how much abuse they must absorb will play into the life of the nail tip. However, we’ve seen clients use their nail tips as many as 5 times before deciding to order the newest styles or even a replacement. It is advisable to always check your nails after a day of work, shower, or any other activities that may loosen the bond between the nail tips and nail. Check the 3d nail artwork as well as the crystals, gems and other stones that maybe on your nail tip. Other ways to keep your nail tips strong would be to store them in a dark place and obviously, keep these away from children. Especially the younger ones! For the advanced user, you can reuse your nail tips even if you used glue by applying a bit of clear coat to the inside of the nail tip (the area where it bonds with your nail). You can then use a nail polish remover in small amounts to gently remove your nail tips. As always, if a client has any questions, they’re more than welcome to contact us at any time!

MUFL: What kind of designs can we expect for Fall/Winter?
Su: We are expecting gorgeous glitter gold and champagne colors, with a strong emphasis on rhinestones and crystals. (Yes! More BLING!) We’re also looking forward to black and grey colors for the fashionable styles. And of course, we’ll be preparing for Halloween and Christmas!

Thank you Su for all your great tips! I can’t wait to wear the Halloween nail tips this weekend. And ladies, make sure you visit to check out their latest nails designs!

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