EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Giveaway

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Published on February 04, 2010 with 139 Comments

Ladies, you’re in luck! Now you can win a free EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set that I raved about by checking out these helpful videos from celebrity makeup artist Meredith Baraf. More details after the jump!

How To Create A Cat Eye

How To Create A Flawless Face

How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye

Touch Up Tips

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on Feb 10th. To enter, tell me which clip you like the best and leave a valid e-mail address. Two winners will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail. Good luck!

Updates:- The giveaway has ended and the winners are EL and Jenn W.


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  1. Hi Phyllis,

    I personally liked the touch up one the best. We like to work on a flawless face in the morning but it’s also important to keep it nice throughout the day.

  2. Hi! My favorite is the cat eye video because I have to do the cat eye practically every day to make my monolid eyes look wider. It really is a simple routine and this video showcases that!

  3. i like the cat eye one :)

  4. wooo i’m liking both the cat eye and the flawless face videos. i like how the simple it was to get the cat eye and how the model finished her second eye on her own and i liked the flawless face because it didn’t seem like a lot of work went into the face, but the model looked heaps better in the after shot!

  5. I’m into the natural look at the moment and thats all about flawless skin. The video shows all the neccessary steps to achieve that in the simplest way possible :)

  6. i love : How To Create A Flawless Face

    this is sooo cool………….and the most important as welll

  7. My favorite was definitely the smokey eyes.

  8. I love the cat eye and the smokey eye! :)

  9. i like the smokey eye one and the touch up one.

  10. My favorite one is the smokey eye clip.

  11. My favorite is definitely the smokey eye one.

  12. I liked the cat eye video the best. Simple but timeless!
    Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  13. i liked the smokey eye video but all of them were very informative ;D

  14. I like the Touch-Up Tips.

    amo2004 ?at? gmail/dot/com

  15. i like the “How To Create A Flawless Face” video because i it’s the most important step!

  16. My favourite one is the 1st one: “How to creat a flawless face” since I wanted to see the face brushes in a tutorial.

  17. I absolutely loved the “How to Create a Flawless Face” clip. Meredith did an amazing job creating the look we all desire with the eco tool brush kit. Would love to own a set!!:)

  18. SMOKEY EYES! <3

  19. I liked the Flawless face clip best.

  20. I really dont know. Personally, Im torn between the cat eye video and the smokey eye one.. hmm..

  21. The smokey eye video was my favorite!

  22. Smokey Eyes for sure! I’ve looked for this set at 2 different Targets and it’s still not there…thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  23. I like the because i want a flawless face =)

  24. I lovveee the cat-eye look, it’s my favourite clip.

    It’s nice and simple, and shows how just a quick swipe of the eyeliner brush can really enhance the face!
    I usually do the just the winged eyeliner for school when I’m short of time to look put together, even if I’ve just rolled out of bed, because if you have relatively clear skin, letting it breathe is key right?

    I’ve been really wanting to buy he EcoTools brushes, but where I live… they’re nowhere to be found :(

  25. Thanks For the give away….I really liked the flawless face and the smokey eye clips!

  26. i really liked the smokey eye clip since i always have trouble trying to figure out how to do the look myself!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! I really liked the cat eye video, because of the end result (but I also found the smokey eyes tutorial to be very useful). Wish we had Eco Tools available here. :(

  28. my favourite clip is the flawless face clip. thanks :)

  29. my favorite video is the sultry smokey eye!

  30. My favorite is ‘How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye’

  31. I like the cat eyes video the most! She makes it look so simple and easy!

  32. I liked the Cat Eye video clip the best because it’s a look I’ve tried a thousand times and I totally fail at! I think I’m going to re-try the look ASAP with the video playing :P

  33. i like the smokey eye! i could never do a smokey eye

  34. I loved the smoky eye video!

  35. I liked the “How To Create A Flawless Face” video b/c you can’t go wrong if you start with a perfect base ;)

  36. I have to say I had a hard time choosing my fave tip but I’d have to go with the How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye she makes it very easy so it’s not so overwelming when you try to create it yourself. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  37. I love the smokey eye one the best!!!!

    apetitediva (at) gmail (dot) com


  38. my favorite clip was definitely the cat eye video. When I first started experimenting with makeup ALL i did was the cat eye. These brushes look good, i wish i wasn’t the starving college student I am and could buy these things (and the sad thing is they’re affordable!)

  39. For me the best is ‘How To Create A Flawless Face’.

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