EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Giveaway

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Published on February 04, 2010 with 139 Comments

Ladies, you’re in luck! Now you can win a free EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set that I raved about by checking out these helpful videos from celebrity makeup artist Meredith Baraf. More details after the jump!

How To Create A Cat Eye

How To Create A Flawless Face

How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye

Touch Up Tips

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on Feb 10th. To enter, tell me which clip you like the best and leave a valid e-mail address. Two winners will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail. Good luck!

Updates:- The giveaway has ended and the winners are EL and Jenn W.


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  1. I like the cat eye one… I actually struggle with anything when it comes to makeup lol makeup artists have that “touch” that makes your face look amazing, but i never get anywhere close =(

  2. Cat eye, of course! I’ve been meaning to pick up a set this weekend after your review!

  3. Out of the videos, I like the Flawless Face video. I’ve recently had several little outbreaks all over my face and I’m still in the process of looknig for really good coversage concealer and foundation. If you have any suggestions that’d be really appreciated! Especially for concealer.

  4. I loved the smokey eye look! Thank you for this chance!

  5. I really love the clip about creating a Flawless Face! I’ve never tried EcoTools products before. The brushes look incredibly soft!

    Would love to win! Thanks!


  6. How To Create A Cat Eye

    I love love this look but still haven’t master it so I’m always watching and learning how to do it.

  7. definitely the flawless face video!

  8. Smokey eye = gorgeous <3 :)

    my email:


  9. I like the flawless face one! Thank you for the giveaway Phyllis !

  10. i liked the smoky eye video! It really showed how to use the brushes, very helpful!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway, Phyllis! My favourite video is the one on touch-up.

  12. Def. the smokey eyes video! I never get bored of smokey looks =)

  13. Hello there,

    what a cool giveaway! Well I liked the most the first video about the cat eye look.


  14. I like the video called – How To Create A Flawless Face

  15. I love the Flawless Face clip! :D And those Eco-tools brushes look so soft. If only they were available in my city…then I would add them to my growing collection of makeup brushes. Here is my email:

  16. Cat Eye!! And just in time for the weekend, I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ve never been able to get it quite right but maybe now. Oh, and I would LOVE to win this set…I went looking for it at Target yesterday but couldn’t find :(

  17. I love the smokey eye look! So soft and yet so dramatic. I’m always looking for the perfect smokey eye look to complement my skintone. Can’t wait to try these babies.

  18. My favourite would have to be the flawless face one. The end result is amazing!

  19. My favorite look was definitely the Flawless Face look. Her skin was simply amazing after! :)

  20. i like the touch up tips
    it is really a useful tips to share :D
    my email is :

  21. I like the one with the smokey eyes best…i have the most trouble trying to do that. tyung49(at)gmail(.)com

  22. I love the smokey eyes vid. It’s an all time classic you can never go wrong with =)

  23. The flawless face video was helpful, if your face looks good everything looks good :) She showed us how to achieve that with easy steps.

  24. My comment didn’t appear, so try again. I like the cat eye video, just what I need to learn. Thanks

  25. I love the cat eye clip, looks simple to do!

  26. Hi! :)

    I liked ALL of the tutorials/ videos very much! :) So interesting)

    But most of all, I was impressed by the “How To Create A Flawless Face” video. I was able to learn 2 new make-up techniques, see how and what EcoTools brushes to use and I saw what difference the proper preparation of skin makes! It’s so impressive.

    ThanQ so much for throwing such a great guilt-free eco giveawaaaaay! *muah*

    Name: Pobeda from ATL
    E-mail: pobedochka (at)

  27. The flawless face video is definitely my fav.

  28. My favorite clip is the sultry smokey eye..You can never go wrong with the smokey eye and the MUA does it so quickly and effortlessly.

    Please enter me into the contest, please and thank you.

  29. It’s hard to pick a favorite since they are all so helpful but I’ll say the cat eye one since it’s not a look I have down pat yet.

  30. I love the smokey eye one!

  31. I really like the touchup video. touching up successfully to look like i did at the beginning of the day is something i havent mastered yet!

  32. I like the cat eyes, since i wear the look everyday.

  33. the smokey eye video is definitely my fave!
    btw, the model looks really uncomfortable and awkward. haha.

  34. hi Phyllis !!

    my favorite is the flawless face video. she makes it seem so effortless !! thx for this great giveawayy.

  35. I like the video for creating a flawless face.

  36. I like “How to create flawless face” video the best.

  37. Thanks for offering this opportunity! I like the flawless face video the best; the results look so natural and has a dewy glow. I like how the brushes are earth AND user-friendly. : )

  38. i find the touch-up tips really useful.

  39. My favourite video was “How To Create A Flawless Face” The model’s face was indeed flawless. These brushes are great alternative to high end brushes for a fraction of cost.:) hope I am lucky and win a kit. Thanks for offering another wonderful contest, Love you Phyllis. And of course your blog!^.^

  40. Love the cat eye!

  41. The smokey eye was my favorite video out of the three. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. I like ‘How to create a flawless face’ best because skin is my main focus when it comes to makeup. As francois nars once said, beautiful skin is the key to modern makeup. =)

  43. I like the “How to create a flawless face” because recently I have been breaking out. =(

  44. smokey eye <3

  45. I like the “Touch Up Tips” video – I think there are too little videos/tips out there that shows how to touch up your makeup during the day.

  46. i enjoyed the “How To Create A Flawless Face” video.
    enter me please and thank you :)

  47. The cat eye video! :)

    underyourwaves at gmail dot com

  48. My fave was the How To Create A Flawless Face vid.

    Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway! :D

  49. My favorite clip is the How To Create A Flawless Face. Although they were all helpful, this one was more of what pertained to my lifestyle.

  50. I like “How to Create a Flawless Face” the best. May seem like a no-brainer but lots of people mess up including myself.

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