EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Giveaway

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Published on February 04, 2010 with 139 Comments

Ladies, you’re in luck! Now you can win a free EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set that I raved about by checking out these helpful videos from celebrity makeup artist Meredith Baraf. More details after the jump!

How To Create A Cat Eye

How To Create A Flawless Face

How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye

Touch Up Tips

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on Feb 10th. To enter, tell me which clip you like the best and leave a valid e-mail address. Two winners will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail. Good luck!

Updates:- The giveaway has ended and the winners are EL and Jenn W.


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  1. how nice of you :) i like the cat eyes one, the brushes make it look so easy.

  2. My favorite is the cat eye clip, the steps were clear and simple. The brushes look great.

  3. I think I love the smokey eye one the best – I always struggle with that!

  4. I love the smokey eye look video!


  5. I like the smokey look. It’s what I would usually go for.

  6. I really like Smokey Eyes Tips. She breaks it down into really easy steps. I did not realize that the blending brush in the new set is so big.

  7. i like the smokey eye look. i like how it looks and the tips she gives

  8. Hi Phyllis!

    What a cool giveaway!! I like the first video showing the cateye because it’s really clear and easy to follow. She made the perfect cateye!

  9. Hey Phyllis. Thanks for doing this contest. I would the “How To Create A Sultry Smokey Eye” video. It’s such a gorgeous look!!

  10. My favorite is the cat eye clip; I always have trouble with this look and the video makes it look so easy!

  11. i rly like the smokey eye one so pretty.
    thanks :)

  12. I like the flawless face one. I’m all about having good skin and a flawless look :D

  13. Flawless face…I’m still looking to improve my base makeup routine.

  14. #3!! I never thought about doing a smokey eye by smudging pencil on the upper lids (: I’m gonna try it

  15. Enter me please:) I like the sultry eye video the most.

  16. I like the cat eye. its what i usually got for.

    lindaseton @ aol. com

  17. I like the flawless face one! :) thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I liked watching How To Create A Sultry Smoky Eye.

  19. i like the sultry eye look the most!

  20. I love the smokey look!

  21. I really enjoyed the How to Create a Flawless Face video. How helpful! I love ecotools!

  22. oh! and my email is

  23. These brushes look just as good as the MAC ones!

  24. i like the smokey eye clip best

  25. This is informative, I might try the sultry look for the Elizabeth Arden event later tonight!

  26. I really like the touch up tips video. It makes the process of touch up seems so much easier, no hassel! :)

  27. the touch ups video was best :) i never really thought about it and there don’t seem to be many videos about it in the first place.

  28. I really liked the flawless face and the smokey eye clips, these are what looks I am always trying to perfect!
    my email is

  29. the smokey eye is by far my favorite! I could never duplicate it so this was helpful!

    thanks for the giveaway! <3

  30. I like the flawless face one best, because 1) all girls want to achieve that, and 2) that’s the only video the model smiles in! lol

  31. My favourite videos are either the smokey eye or the flawless skin. They looked simple but exquisite.

  32. oh it’s so hard to choose one video lol…’s a tie between the smokey eye & flawless face. But if i HAVE to choose one then i’ll choose the flawless face….i have always wanted to achieve that flawless face look. :)

  33. I like the “How to Create a Flawless Face” video!

  34. the smokey eye one was by far my favorite because i always struggle with trying to achieve the perfect smokey eye

  35. like the first vid! thanks a lot :)

  36. I liked the ‘flawless face’ & ‘touch up’ videos. Short & simple.

  37. My favorite is the Touch up Tips video. I was just thinking about how to salvage my make up as the day goes on.

  38. I like the cat eye. Thank you!

  39. I loved the touchup tips.
    It was wonderful to see how to do it with the ecotools set (:
    thanks for the giveaway !

  40. Smokey eye, definitely. It’s the only when I ever struggle with.

  41. I loved the touch up tips video. It gave great tips on simple ways to refresh your makeup without having to start anew.

  42. I like the flawless face clip because I’m all out for flawless skin, sometimes too much of make up will add a few more years on your actual age.

  43. i definitely love the 1st vid on how to do a cat eye~ it’s simple and easy to follow! =D

  44. Flawless face for sure! When your skin looks perfect, everything else falls into place =) Hooray for giveaways!

  45. I like the how to create a smokey eye one the best! very simple and hot

  46. i like the sultry eye clip, and i like how she used brown instead of black/grey for a more softer look

  47. I like flawless face… just cause I think the base is the most important :)

  48. i like the flawless face one! these brushes really look like they do the job! :)

  49. I like the smokey eye video! I am a BIG fan of Eco Tools. Affordable and great quality :)

  50. I love the cat eye tutorial. That’s my favorite look yet I can’t get it right!

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