How To: Get The No-Makeup Look

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Published on January 09, 2010 with 44 Comments

As much as I worship color makeup, I have been more into that au naturale look lately. Below are some tips on how you can wear makeup to enhance your features while keeping it subtle.

* The trickiest part to the no-makeup look is definitely the skin. For those who are blessed with good skin, a tinted moisturizer will suffice. Those who require more coverage should pick a liquid foundation with a dewy finish (I *love* NARS Sheer Glow Foundation!) and powder only the areas that can get oily. Remember, real skin is never matte.

* Cream blushes give the most natural, healthy glow. MAC’s new Cremeblend Blush have become my favorite product to create this effect.

* To fill in your eyebrows, apply powder with an angled brush instead of pencil. Blend with a spoolie to soften the look.

* Skip eyeliner and really work your mascara wand into the roots of the lashes for a fuller look. If you must wear eyeliner, go for a softer color like brown or gray.

* After you apply mascara, run a lash comb through your lashes to get rid of clumps. Don’t have one handy? Rubbing your lashes gently with your fingers works just as well.

* If you want to add more definition to the eyes yet still keep it natural, apply a pair of fake lashes that is thin and long. I like Makeup For Life Lashes in #Au Naturale and Ardell #110.

* Forget lip liner and lipstick. Just apply some tinted lip balm or sheer gloss.

So how do you ladies rock the natural look? Share your tips!


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  1. You are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. aww you’re so pretty phyllis!

  3. Love the natural look. Your skin is flawless!

  4. I find that bronzer and blush applied lightly really finish off my au naturale look. I use Nars Laguna/Orgasm duo. I thought that it was all hype but after trying it for the past month, I actually really like it!

  5. I like using my Laneige Dual Base, using the brightening balm on my cheeks and nose bridge to give it more definition. Other than that, I skip eyeshadow & lipstick, though I still use a light pink gloss for that pouty look :)

  6. i love..ur always pretty anyway ;D

  7. i totally agree that real skin is not matte!

    what i like to do is pat on the slightest amount of MAC Strobe cream on the bridge of my nose, on the brow bone and right under the eyes! i find it more subtle than the eyeko highlighting cream, so better for an every day look! :)

    your skin looks flawless phyllis!!

  8. Gorgeous. Thanks for the great tips. xo Mish

  9. LOVE IT! I love the natural look!
    Youre so pretty!

  10. Thanks everyone!

  11. Emily,

    I’ve never thought of that. I’ll have to try it out some time! And yes, Orgasm is da bomb!

  12. are those fake lashes

  13. A few coats of mascara should have sufficed; therefore, I like this look you presented, but not the fake lashes since it is supposed to be au naturale. I agree with you on skipping eyeliner. :) I think clear, bright skin is the key to the natural look and au naturale is so in!! Lastly, i like this look on you! Less is more hehe.

  14. which cremeblend are you wearing in this picture??
    it’s so pretty!!

  15. A lot of the times I just go out au naturale. I never was a girl who put on make up everyday. Usually when I do wear make up outside, I use a MSF and a taupe e/s by MAC, that’s it.

  16. I do what you do as my daily routine, but I like to tightline my lashes. It just makes my eyes look a lot nicer. :)

  17. I will go au naturale if I’m pretty like you… lol…

  18. my favorite ‘no makeup’ face is;

    MAC MSF in light/medium
    Bobbi Brown blush (Desert Rose or Blushed)
    super groomed brows (LORAC’s brow kit)
    Dior Lip Glow balm
    YSL Singulier mascara
    NYX ‘Milk’ eye crayon under the brows.

    and of course healthy hair makes this simple look more glamourous!

  19. It is good to alternate from time to time. Nice skin!

  20. Yes eli, I’m wearing Makeup For Life lashes in #Au Naturale.

  21. mikki,

    I’m wearing So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush. It’s a really pretty soft pink color.

  22. Gorgeous! Do you also tightline your eyelids or use a liquid liner before applying your false lashes? Oh, and when are you having another falsies batch? I’m interested in Au Natural. :P

  23. you’re so pretty i bet you don’t even need any makeup! :D

  24. I love the fresh faced look on you! Bu the way I recommended that Philosophy Peel on another one of your posts, and I’ve read that Olay Microdermabrasion & Peel kit is pretty much the same product (but for $20 vs $60 for the kit). I think I’m going to try it! Let you know!

  25. Hi Phyllis! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could take some pictures with a frontal view of your face for your FOTDs or tutorials. I know you tend to have the same angled pose for photos (lots of bloggers do!), but pics from different angles would be really helpful.

  26. Thanks Jenn! Normally I would wear black gel/liquid liner with fake lashes but I’m not wearing any in this picture. I just applied the lashes really close to my lashline and the black you’re seeing here is the strip.

    If you’re interested in the MUFL falsies, e-mail me!

  27. Thanks Kristy but I do need makeup to look like this *lol*

  28. Thanks Lisa!

  29. i love this look!

  30. GORGEOUS, Phyllis!!

  31. i have a tan asian complexion with very few blemishes (luckily), so it’s not really difficult to have a no make up look…moisturizer, cheek tint, lip balm and mascara often does the trick for me!

    ur sooo gorgeous on any look u make by the way!

  32. you look beautiful phyllis! you have inspired me to do the no makeup look more often.

  33. I wish you would take pictures straight on, instead of continuously opting for these myspace angle shots. Sometimes I want to use your FOTDs for inspiration, but it’s hard to do so when I can’t see your whole face clearly.

  34. Can you please do an eyebrow tutorial? Your eyebrows look so soft and natural!

  35. Hey Phyllis!

    Great post and great blog! I was wondering if you can recommend any good tinted moisturizers and perhaps where I might be able to purchase them in Canada!

    Thanks in advance!

  36. i am all about au natural, toooooo!
    U look wonderful phyllis.

  37. Hi Phyllis, <3

    Where do you buy your contact lenses?

    I love your looks btw ! helped me a lot, even though i am a blonde causation! XD

  38. Thanks Puk! I get my color contacts from Asia since most of them are made for darker eyes =)

  39. Gorgeous look! What did you use on your lips? I love the color.

  40. Thanks Laura =) I just had on some clear lip balm.

  41. I love the No-Makeup look to pieces.
    My Routine: I do not use foundation
    1. Kinesys SPF30 Sunscreen
    2. Eye moisturizer & Concealer (under eye and lids) Setting powder
    3. My favorite neutral eyeshadow (Bobbi Brown Toast/Mark Latte) also a neutral crease color-nothing dark.
    4.One of my favorite Mascara-Maybelline The Colossal (glam black) and for an extra oomph Bobbi Brown Golden Leaf eyeshadow to bottom lids!
    5. Brows I use Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany Eyeshadow
    6. Peterthomasroth anti shine mattifying gel all over rest of face
    7. Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder
    8. Lips: Bobbi Browns Lip Crayon in Wild Rose or Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose

    I wear this look everyday. Sometimes I will skip the eyeshadow…but this is so me!

  42. i love it too!!!!

  43. what colour MAC Cremeblend Blush you use?

  44. I know this post has been up for a while, but I’m just coming across it and it’s such a lovely “no makeup makeup” look. I absolutely love this sort of makeup.

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