Best Of 2009 Beauty Products: Skincare

My final best of 2009 – skincare products!

Best Cleanser
I never strayed from cleansing oils until I discovered Philosophy Purity Made Simple Made Simple ($32). It is hands down the most effective cream cleanser in removing makeup while keeping the skin soft and supple. Loves!

Best Cleansing Oil
I have gone through bottles and bottles of Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil ($12). Not only does it dissolve makeup (including waterproof mascara) instantly, it never leaves my skin greasy/tight. Plus who can beat that price?!

Best Exfoliant
To keep those nasty little flakes at bay, I alternate between Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum ($65) and Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask. The former utilizes moisture-magnetizing amino acid exfoliators to attract moisture levels for supple skin without irritating the skin; the latter contains black sesame extracts, rich phospholipids and vitamin E to deeply cleanse your pores while leaving it soft and refreshed.

Best Deep Cleansing Mask
MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask ($19.50) may look like tar but it keeps my skin glowy, soft and even made the pores around my nose appear smaller!

Best Hydrating Mask
While there are several hydrating masks that I tried and liked this year, the best is still my favorite Asian sheet masks. My picks are My Beauty Diary Masks (我的美麗日記) in Red Wine Mask, Bulgarian White Rose Mask and Intensive Refining Eye Mask.

Best Lotion (Hyrdating Toner)
To keep my skin soft and supple, I also use lotions (hydrating toners) day and night. I like Prime Hyaluronic Acid Lotion with Coenzyme (for those with mature skin) and Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Vitamin C Lotion from Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist. The line is so popular in Japan it has already sold over 25000000 bottles!

Best Moisturizer
When it comes to moisturizers, I like to alternate between different products. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè ($25), Philosophy Hope In A Jar ($38) and Kenzoki Cosmic Cosmetic Cream ($60) are my favorites in 2009.

Best Eye Cream
For puffiness, nothing beats Philosophy Eye Hope ($48). To keep my eye area moisturized, I like Kenzo Relaxing Whipped Eye Cream ($45).

Best Lip Balm
Ever since an awesome reader from Australia sent me Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, I have been hooked! It makes my super chapped lips so smooth and even Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr swears by this!

Best Blotting Paper
I’ve been using oil blotting papers for over 10 years and I finally discovered my HG, Tatcha Aburatorigami ($12)! These are the most authentic and luxurious blotting paper you can ever get and even though they are on the expensive side, they are worth every penny!

Best Facial Mist
I have been using MAC Fix+ ($18) for years now and it’s still the best for toning down cakiness, calming the skin and refreshing the skin.

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  1. styleezta,

    I stock up on my Kose goodies every time I go back to Asia. There’s also a Japanese market (Mitsuwa) 15 minutes away from where I live.

  2. I am curious as to how you use the bliss groove peeling serum?? i have it and i have no idea.. please help
    thanks – cat

  3. Catherine,

    I usually apply the serum after I wash my face at night and I use it twice a week max.

    Here’s what I found on the Bliss website:

    day and night: apply 3-4 pumps on clean skin completely covering face (and neck, dècolleté, and hands, if desired), avoiding eye area, which is not aided by exfoliation. Wait 3-5 minutes before applying your moisturizer (we recommend our best of skintentions SPF 15 moisturizer for day, as you should always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen after using peeling groovy, and our bestselling the youth as we know it moisture cream at night).

  4. Thank youu so much for sharing your regimen and favorites each year. I find it super useful cause there are so many products out there and you make it so easy to find great skincare/makeup products. Thanks! Have a great new year (filled with greater, newer products lol)!!

  5. Kaitlynn,

    The Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask from MAC is a limited edition item, and usually comes out with some collections; so they’ll occasionally release collections, and if the volcanic ash thermal ask fits in with the theme, they’ll include it. I think it was released once already this year? I’m not sure, lol!