Celebrity Hair And Makeup Spotlight: A Tribute To Brittany Murphy

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Published on December 21, 2009 with 4 Comments

When it comes to the makeup, Brittany sure loves to switch things up. While her signature look is soft and glowy (think neutral eyeshadow, peachy blush and pink lips), Brittany also likes to venture into a more dramatic side with dense fake lashes and bolder lip colors in red and fuchsia.

Hair-wise, Brittany’s look is just as varied. She has changed her hair color numerous times, mostly between blonde and brunette. She has also tried different styles, ranging from short to long, wavy and curly to sleek updos.

Rest in peace, Brittany!


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  1. Love the 6th look, vibrant & bubbly.
    My fave movie was “Just Married”

  2. I love her overall look in the top right corner and the bottom left corner. The HAIR mostly

    I loved her in Clueless <3

  3. She was so young and gorgeous! Rip!
    I like her blonde the most, so pretty!

  4. she was so pretty! and i liked her movies, she will always be the cute girl from clueless :p Such a tragedy :(

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