Red Carpet Faceoff: Kim Kardashian vs Leighton Meester at 61st Primetime Emmy Awards

kim-kardashian-in-ina-soltani-dress-at-61st-emmy-awardsSpotted! Kim Kardashian and Leighton Meester both in gorgeous white dresses but totally different looks at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards tonight. Who rocked the look better?

Kim in Ina Soltani dress with Gucci shoes, Swarovski clutch and Siera ring.

Leighton in Bottega Veneta dress and clutch, Roger Vivier shoes and Cathy Waterman jewels.

Kim looked strikingly similar to J. Lo with uber frosty eyeshadow, long wispy fake lashes and nude lips.

Leighton wore her usual smoky brown eyes with red lips that match her clutch.


  1. neither of them looked great. kim’s makeup is too frosty for her tanned skin and leighton’s makeup aged her about 10 years.

  2. I don’t think either of them look too good :S I guess Kim looks better but her lashes are kinda spidery X_x and Leighton looks overdone =(

  3. I like Kim’s dress better and I love her long wispy eyelashes. It is funky and different, from up close it may look at bit overwhelming but from away shots it looks stunning and makes her eyes stand out. It photographs really well. I like Leighton’s makeup overall over Kim’s because I love the red lips contrasting with the white dress. I thought she looks like a very tousled modern snow white. I don’t think her makeup is aging at all.

  4. Kim looks too trashy in my opinion, the giant hoops with the slicked back hair plus all that frost?
    no no, big no no
    leighton’s makeup does make her look older but she looks classier and of course still gorgeous

  5. I agree, the earrings, eye makeup and dress all together is just too much. Very trashy.

    Leighton’s dress is absolutely stunning! The make up is elegant and classic, but it’s too old for her. I think she would have looked much better if she had gone for a lighter, more fresh faced makeup look like Blake Lively.

  6. I think Kim looks better! Maybe she sould have toned down her eye makeup a little, but he rest is okay and her dress is stunning!

    I don’t like Leighton’s dress and her makeup is a bit overdone! She should have chose to concentrate on her lips only and do a softer look on the eyes! And her hairstyle is a little too messy for me! I think she looks way better with smokey eyes and pale lips!

  7. None of them deserve on the best dressed list but Leighton Meester;s makeup and hair are just sloppy at best. The hair doesn’t go with the makeup in my opinion. If she’s going for the carefree look (as her hair sorta suggested), she should tone down her makeup; If she’s going to for glam pin-up look, (as the makeup suggested), the hair at least should be a little neater. The dress didn’t help either. She literally looks like she’s wearing bed sheets… sigh… she’s so pretty…

  8. In my opinion, Kim’s earrings just not working. Her eyes are looking very strange. Leighton’s should have stuck with the red lips but pairing with such dramatic eyes is a big no-no. Too much going on.

  9. I admire Leighton in this comparison over Kim. Kim seems to have the same old boring make-up look, the spidery lashes, nude lips, etc. and her dress is predictable. Leighton looks fresh and forward, it’s refreshing to see somebody with a classic idea and new style. I also love Leighton’s curly girl hair, Kim’s is again, predictable.

  10. Of course Leighton, she looks gorgerous! I like her dress and make-up, maybe it makes her older but still adorable.
    And Kim ? She doesn’t look as good as Leighton looks.