Barbie All Doll’d Up Collection Product Pictures

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Published on September 04, 2009 with 12 Comments

I just stumbled upon these pictures of the Asian All Doll’d Up Collection from Barbie and the products are so much cuter than the European version and US version!

The line is currently sold only in Hong Kong and Shanghai and ironically, is manufactured in the US by cmm Int’l Group. Product prices range from ~US$6 for a nail polish to ~US$34 for a set of 7 lip glosses.

Ladies in Asia, if you have seen these products in person, you must post pictures and reviews!

Barbie All Doll’d Up Blush Kit

Eyes Shadow Kit



7 Pack Lip Gloss

Plastic Shine Nail Polish

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  1. Wow I looooove those lip glosses . I’ll keep my eyes open when I go abroad in two weeks.

  2. OMG…must have the lipsticks! Do you know what stores they are being sold in?

  3. wow they do look better than the US versions! the lipstick and blush are so cute!

  4. I love how the eyeshadow quad is in a two tiered package. The packaging definitely looks more fun and playful then the US version.

  5. Omg sooo cute! :) I loveee the lipglosses.

  6. i’m jealous! no fun for us Americans

  7. Those lipglosses are really to die for… crossing my fingers they’ll be available in NY some time soon.

  8. How cute! I’m eyeing the lipgloss set!

  9. Betty,

    The Barbie line is sold at Facess in Ocean Terminal (Hong Kong).

  10. I’m with you completely Jamie! I really want the Blush Kit, Lipstick and Nail Polishes!

  11. Couture Cookie,

    From what I have heard, the line will NOT be sold outside of Asia. The Stila line will be the only Barbie makeup line for the US market – sad right?

  12. cool!!! :D

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