Nails Of The Day: Clear Gel With Glitter Tips and White Flower

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Published on July 17, 2009 with 11 Comments

I got clear gel nails done yesterday and this time I added some white gold glitter on the tips and a white flower on both thumbs.

p.s. why does the Iphone camera suck so much? =(


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  1. I do that often. Nails may look pretty but removing the glitters is a bitch =X

  2. So pretty! Too bad I hate having long nails =/

  3. Very pretty (*^.^*)

  4. Jealous! My nail beds are really short.. So they don’t look so good done.

  5. Apple,

    My nail bed is really short too – I just got tips with the gel nails.

  6. hi phylz,
    i have been doing my nails at home, it’s pretty easy too, so u dont have to sit in the nail salon for hours.

  7. Wow! I love your nail polish specially those glitters and white flowers on your nail tips.

  8. Hello! can one place gel on their real nails, or must it be over tips?

  9. Sure Maria! You can just do an overlay on your natural nails.

  10. i love you nails !

  11. i like that i might get my nails done like that so where you get your nails done at

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