Makeup Mishaps at the “Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala 2009

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Published on May 05, 2009 with 8 Comments

Case #1: Mary-Kate Olsen vs Ashley Olsen
Although they are both wearing a heavily rimmed eye with nude lipstick, Ashley definitely did a better job here by going with a warmer lipstick and adding in blush. Mary-Kate just looks dead and washed out.

The Wrong: Mary-Kate Olsen vs The Right: Ashley Olsen

Lesson Here: Wear blush to warm up your complexion and steer clear of lipsticks that are too close to your complexion.

Case #2: Rachel Bilson vs Blake Lively
Note to Rachel: Hun, this is the MET gala, which is equivalent to the Oscars of fashion! You can’t just show up wearing barely any foundation, gunmetal eyeshadow and gloss. Take a cue from Blake – even out your skin (especially around the nose) with a foundation, wear a bit of shimmer around the tear duct to instantly add in some glamor and throw some color on those lips!

The Wrong: Rachel Bilson vs The Right: Blake Lively

Lesson Here: Know the occasion and dress and do your makeup accordingly. The last thing you want to do is show up at a formal event looking like you barely tried at all.



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  1. aww, i actually like rachel’s look here. she never really seems to wear that much makeup anyways.

  2. mary kate always looks like she rose out of the grave, in my opinion.

  3. Rachel kinda looks like she did her makeup herself, no?

  4. I don’t have a problem with Rachel Bilson either.. but she’s not quite a muse to me anyways and I always expect her to be sort of a girl next door… Yea, i know it’s the MET gala… but Rachel is still Rachel

    Blake Lively is gorgeous though!

  5. Yeah, Rachel’s makeup looks so her. That’s how she wears her makeup normally. It’s okay for me, too. But, Blake looks diff here, they put matte bronzer on her. Looks better, cos I usually find her plain boring blondie. Not my type. I’m more into brunettes. lol.

  6. What foundation does Blake use on her face?

  7. Kate,

    I’m not sure what foundation Blake uses normally but on Gossip Girl, she wears Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation.

  8. ok…thanks. But do you know what foundation she´s wearing in this pic??

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