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Published on April 25, 2009 with 6 Comments

So I have changed the layout around a bit – what do you ladies think? Share your thoughts so I can make your reading experience better!
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  1. the old website’s layout is more “personalized”.. the pink on this new layout is too sharp and gives me a bit headache… but still love your posts =) i like the “mini hearts” under your categories ~

  2. I love the new look I personally don’t think the pink/fuchsia is to bright.

  3. Yeah, I don’t really like the brightness of the fucschia. Everything else is fine though.

  4. ive been following your site since it was a blog :) i love it. sure its super bright pink but it still rocks. Keep up the good work girl!!!

  5. i love the new look!
    it’s very feminine yet simple and chic.

  6. sometimes my internet isnt as fast as I wish it would be.. and what I end up getting is black words on a super bright pink background — killer on the eyes

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