Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Angelababy for 2% Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign

Model Angelababy ditched her heavy makeup and opted for a more natural yet totally cute look in the 2% Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign.

How To Dupe The Look

For the eyes, start off by wearing a pair of brown color contacts like Geo Tri Color Lenses in Brown to make them pop. Sweep a soft brown eyeshadow from the middle of the eyelid all the way to the outer corner of the lower eye. Tightline the upper lashline with a black liquid liner but use a soft brown pencil on the bottom. Apply a pair of natural-looking lashes like Revlon Fantasy Length Fake Eyelashes on the top and black mascara on the bottom.

Make cheeks flush like Angelababy by sweeping a soft peachy pink color (try Bobbi Brown Pink Coral Shimmer Blush) onto the apples.

Finally, get babylicious lips by lining your lips with a liner that matches your natural lip color before applying a high shine gloss like MAC Clear Gloss onto the center. Or if you can get a hold of BabyPink glosses, the Strawberry one is perfect for this.

More Pics From The Campaign

Like Angelababy’s look? Check out these makeup tips from Angelababy herself!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the feminine natural beauty trend this spring – its perfect for the warmer weather too. You don’t need as much makeup but the little that you do really create a glowing effect… i can’t wait to do a similar look for my 4th anniversary celebration next week! great with a dress and sunhat but i’m going to use individual lashes instead of a full one =]

    cheers for this phyllis!

  2. Angelababy looks so cute with soft makeup…

    I have the very same tube of babypink gloss (as well as couple other shades)…I love the watery glossy finish it gives and the tube is so long wearing that the baby head is still there after 2 years…

  3. Thanks for the tutorial !
    I love this look. It’s very natural and I love her lips and eyes…I bought my lenses yesterday (Nudy brown and Angel green) so I can’t wait to receive them and recreate this look !!
    Photos are beautiful and I didn’t know this brand :)

  4. Ohh this is so much much better than the sick Lady gaga….I don’t know angela baby tho. Is she Taiwanese star? really cute, j pop kind.

  5. Yes Felicia, I have tried all the Babypink Glosses. They are really sticky but they will give you juicy looking lips.