Phyllis Through The Years

So you ladies want to know more about my past? Here are pictures of me through the years =)

P.S. Now you know why I don’t show my teeth when I smile – I just grew up that way *lol*

Baby Phyllis at a few months old

Me and my baby sister

Those bangs are classic!!! *lol*

Back in high school (1998) with my best friends (miss you guys!!) Laugh away at the Posh Spice cut – I know it looks horrendous!

Me and model Kathy Chow at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2003

Me and Mom when I flew home back in 2007 (don’t we look alike?)

Me doing my photoshoot for Ming Pao Saturday Magazine in 2008

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  1. Aw Phyllis, thanks for doing this. It’s really great to see how you grew up and evolved through the years.

    Kathy Chow’s makeup is perfect.

    It’s refreshing to see someone from Asia who grew up lovely without any plastic surgery. You said you didn’t come here till 19; does that mean you went to International School? Just curious.

  2. Skyle,

    Kathy Chow is stunning in person and her makeup is FLAWLESS!

    I did not go to an international school. Both my parents are fluent in English, we traveled a lot and I was just exposed to the American culture at an early age =)

  3. FYI, there are actually a *lot* of natural beauties back home. I don’t get why people think all Asian women had surgery.

  4. You in your DGS uniform!!! lol…

    You look just as pretty as Kathy Chow in that pic! Though you wear a lot less makeup 😀

  5. You and your mom do look similar, great genes :)
    What does she use for skincare? Maybe you can do a segment on mature skin!

  6. You look better and better every year – really pretty. And I don’t think it’s the makeup! I’m so jealous. Btw, keep your black hair! You can so pull it off and it looks best on you in my opinion.

  7. Sara,

    My mom doesn’t use a lot of skincare products and she doesn’t wear makeup other than lipstick. She believes in being natural and simple and she used to just wash her face with warm water. But I made sure she wears moisturizer with at least SPF30 during the day and a moisturizing toner at night, followed by a retinol treatment and night cream.

  8. Oh Phyllis, I agree! Don’t get me wrong — I was born in Asia too and I know there are tons of natural beauties there. I was referring to many of the very famous Asian stars who’ve had work done (Jolin, Fan Bing Bing, many Korean actresses, who were all cute to begin with).

  9. Skyle,

    I don’t mean you silly! By the way, I couldn’t comment on your blog. I keep getting this error from Blogger =(

  10. So cute! You had so much hair as a baby! I was bald and tan like a Buddha…hahah.

    Not to be argumentative, but in regards to one of the comments above, I don’t think Fan Bing Bing had plastic surgery. I watched an interview recently where she televised an examination by a 3rd party plastic surgeon who felt her face for implants and what not to prove she was natural. I also think Jolin’s natural; she looks very similar in her before and after photos. People’s faces change as they mature…cheekbones get bigger, chins become pointier…you can never be sure that someone’s gone under the knife unless it’s completely obvious.

  11. Phyllis,

    I’m so happy that you posted these pictures. Pleaase don’t get any surgery, I really like how you look now ok? don’t change! :)

  12. *lol* I don’t have anything against surgery but I personally will not get it. I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways.