Make Up For Ever Classic 12 Flash Color Case Review, Swatches and Photos

Thanks to The Makeup Show LA, I have discovered Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case. This cute palette contains 12 vibrant cream-based colors that can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips and is sworn by all the pros in the industry (Celebrity Makeup Artist Sharon Gault also used this on singer Keri Hilson for her music videos!)

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case

The first thing I noticed is the great selection of colors, which are all very wearable. I also love that primary colors are included, meaning you get to be creative and mix different shades together to create new colors.

* Gold 004 – Metallic gold
* Coral 002 – Vibrant coral
* Turquoise 000 – Light turquoise
* Fuchsia 005 – Bright fuchsia pink
* Yellow 013 – Vibrant yellow
* Brown 023 – Dark brown
* Silver 003 – Metallic silver
* White 010 – Pure white
* Red 017 – Bright red
* Bright Blue 014 – Bright royal blue
* Leaf Green 008 – Bright green
* Black 011 – Pure black

The texture is super creamy and the product glides on and blends effortlessly. I like to apply with my fingers but you can also use a firm brush like MAC 242 Shader Brush to pat it on. The pigmentation is also excellent and a dab is all you need. Plus how can you not love that it is multi-purpose?! You can use the product as a blush, lip color, eyeshadow or even as a base for powder eyeshadow and glitter.

The only downside is the price. This retails $95, which is definitely the most I have spent on a palette but if you do the math, a regular Flash Color retails $18 a pop and you get 12 colors in this one so it actually works out to be a pretty good deal.

Ugh talking about this palette is getting me excited! I need to go back to playing with it now! *lol*

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case swatches

Wearing Make Up For Ever Flash Color in Coral 002 with Gold 004 dabbed on the center

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is now available for $95.

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  1. How is the staying power? And do they crease?
    Also, my local Japanese market only has the Kose Softymo Oil Cleanser WHITE. How does that one compare to the deep cleansing one you like?
    Thanks in advance. Love the site

  2. the colors look too bright for me, it looks more like a watercolor palette for painting lol.

    have you heard of the bobbi brown brights eye palette? they’re bright as well, but softer and more colors. i think i might save up for that :).

  3. Wow, those are some pretty colors…I wonder does that green turn our lips peachy, neutralize the redness …or you are not supposed to use it as lip color at all (does it make you look like hulk)?

  4. Christina,

    I have not used the Flash Color alone on the eyes but if you use it as a base for eyeshadow, it is perfect.

  5. Citrine,

    I have not tried the green on the lips but on the back of the palette, it says not to use the silver, white and blue on the lips.

  6. Thank you Phyllis for this review !!

    Yesterday, there was a MUFE-sell (on a french website) and a regular Flash Color was sold 5€ (so 7-8$) so I took in Gold, Coral, Leaf Green, Orange, Carmine, Violet and Copper :)
    I can’t wait to receive them, they look great !