Red Carpet Fashion: 66th Annual Golden Globes 2009

Creamy colors in gold, white and nude seemed to be the big thing among the stars this year. My favorite is Kate’s dress. What about you guys?

Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens

Kate Beckinsale, Eva Mendes and Miley Cyrus

On the dark side, we have three gorgeous young ladies spotting tube frocks in rich blues with glittery accents.

Anne Hathaway, Hayden Panettiere and Blake Lively

More on the makeup to come!


  1. Oh, I knew I could count on you!!!
    I dont own a TV; and I only tune in for the fashion anyways… so, you’re my angel as usual.
    I LOOOOOVE kate’s dress.
    Charlize, Anne, & her are my faves during red carpets.

    uM, why is JLO wearing that?

  2. omg anne hathaway’s dress is just love. love love love love love
    …HOWEVER…i think the look as a whole would have been better had anne worn a nude lip as opposed to a bright red, kinda like what hayden panattiere did

  3. I don’t really like any of the darker looks- I think the darkness against the fairness of Anne Hathaway’s skin just kind of throws everything off. Vanessa’s is definitely pretty to me. =]