I’m featured in Vancouver’s Ming Pao Saturday Magazine!

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Published on January 01, 2009 with 25 Comments

As requested, here is my spread in Vancouver’s Ming Pao Saturday magazine on 12/20/08. A *big* thank you to all those who picked up a copy. Hope you guys liked it =)


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  1. Great stuff!!! You totally deserve it :D

    Happy New Year!

  2. You should translate this for us! would love to read the english article…

  3. is it really true about the rumors that janice man and angelababy had surgery to enhance their appearances?

  4. All your hard work paid off :) That’s amazing. :)

  5. Yes Angelababy and Janice Man did do surgery to enhance appearances. But ofcourse, i prefer thick make up over plastic faces :D

  6. Awesome !! You deserve it !

  7. you look so glamourous in those pictures!
    I’m so excited for you :D

  8. cool.. i wish i knew how to read chinese tho.. happy new year !

  9. this magazine was sent to my company and I was reading it!
    You’re amazing! =)

  10. I can actually read Chinese, but I can’t really read what it says in the article because the texts are too small, and when I zoom in on the scan the words become blurry.

    Anyway, did you do an interview with the magazine or something? I also live in Canada as well but in Toronto. =)

    I do see in the head title that they refer you as the “makeup blog queen” and that you “踢爆” a lot of models secrets to become pretty. lol!

  11. You’re amazing! Congrats!

  12. Congrats! You look awesome! :)

  13. Congrats Phyllis ! It’s great for you and you’re so beautiful =)
    Happy New Year 2009 <.3

  14. Wow! Congratulations!
    You look amazing as usual. Happy New Year!

  15. I just saw the article in the Toronto version of Ming Pao Saturday weekly mag (Jan 3, 2009 issue)! However, I can’t really read it and my mom doesn’t want to help me read it :(

  16. Thank you very much!!!,
    It looks awesome,, wished i could read chinese!

  17. Hey! Congratulations! Really good job, I just wish I could read it. Haha I think I’ll print it out and bring it to a friend to translate! =]

  18. I saw this article and decided to check out your website! I love it!!

  19. Thanks ladies – you are the BEST!!!! =)

    Lena, yes I did a short interview with Ming Pao. They also took some of my past entries and translated them into Chinese for the article.

    If you guys are interested in reading the article, I will try to upload the pdf format onto the server so you can download it.

  20. OMG you are so pretty!

  21. where can i pick up a copy? no one compares to your amazing blog, keep you the phenomenal work!

  22. This article was also published in Toronto’s Mingpao newspaper!
    Great Job!! Your blog has so many helpful advice :)

  23. Hi Miss, sure does look great ,happy for you , all the best from Amsterdam! “Roy!

  24. Phyllis, how tall are you?

  25. I’m 5’3. Why?

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