Celebrity Beauty Faceoff: Megan Fox vs Jennifer Lopez at 2009 Golden Globes

Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and actress Megan Fox both showed up at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards with a similar look – glittering gold dress, gold eye makeup, nude lips and pulled back hair. Megan is normally my favorite on the red carpet but this time J. Lo definitely did a better job. The gold completely washed Megan out and her lips just looked off. And please don’t even get me started with the earrings! What do you guys think?


  1. I actually love Megan Fox’s look here . . . I kinda like the washed out look on her. It gives me a Grecian goddess vibe.

  2. I agree with L and I can understand what Kellie is going on about. I voted JLO even thought I normally adore Megan in EVERYTHING.