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Eyelid Tape 101

Eyelid tape is no doubt one of the most popular Asian beauty gadgets and have long been a holy grail for many. They are basically clear strips used to create the illusion of a crease or “double eyelid” so eyes appear rounder and larger.…

April 10, 2008
Celebrity Beauty

Celebrity Makeup: Angelababy

Hong Kong model Angelababy has taken over Asia by storm! She has appeared in numerous fashion magazines, on the runway, and guess what? She is only 19 – you go girl!…

April 7, 2008

My first tanning experience

When my gay friend dragged me to a tanning salon a while ago, I was a little hesitant. I mean come on, EVERYONE knows about the risk of tanning but since I have never done it and I was craving for some color minus…

March 31, 2008
Tips & Tricks

What Are Circle Lenses?

Spotted all over fashion and beauty magazines, on celebrities and models, Circle Lenses, have been the it thing in Asia for the past couple of years now.…

March 25, 2008