How To: Get Perfect Eyebrows Like Megan Fox

We all know the eyebrows play a key role in framing the face and out of all the Hollywood celebrities, the super hot Megan Fox has got to score the best eyebrows in my book. Now I know not everyone can afford the best brow specialists in Hollywood (Megan goes to Tonya Crooks) but trust me, you can easily achieve the look with practice and the right tools. Learn how after the jump!

How To Get Megan Fox's Eyebrows

If you look closely, Megan’s eyebrows are thick, which means the first thing you want to do is lay off the tweezer and let your eyebrows grow out a bit. For those who have skimpy eyebrows, I highly recommend using a product like Anastasia’s Brow Enhancing Serum ($35). It is designed to condition the eyebrows to help them grow and it only took me 2 applications to see a difference.

Megan also fills in her eyebrows with a color that matches with her hair color so make sure your eyebrows are only a shade or two different from your hair color. To darken your eyebrows to match a new hair color, all you need is an eyebrow powder or pencil in a darker shade. For help on lightening your eyebrows to match a lighter hair color, read these tips.

Lastly, Megan’s eyebrows are very defined and perfectly arched. To do this, try using eyebrow stencils like Anastasia Classic Stencils ($20).

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  1. i think i might just check out the brow serum – i’ve used model co (for brows & lashes) and it worked decently, but i wouldn’t repurchase for $42. and i agree that the brow powder works great! although i’m looking into brow gels atm, i can’t be bothered with a brush and powder nowadays.

  2. I’ve been using the brow serum for about 2 months now im on my second bottle. i didnt start seeing a difference until i was almost done with the first bottle. i think my eyebrows were probably growing on their own but im just hoping this product will help thats why i keep applying this.

  3. Do you know who Megan Fox goes to for her eyebrows? Who is the best eyebrow specialist in Hollywood/Beverly Hills? I’ve gone to Anastasia’s before and they were not great at all. Thanks!

  4. The secret to perfect eyebrows is to trim them .
    look at kim kardashian and megan fox, from the begining of the eyebrow it’s trimmed .
    all you have to do is brush them up and then cut them a little with scissors

  5. hey do u use stencil to fill in ur brows or do u do it free hand. id really appreciate it if u take ur time to reply. thanks!