Eyeshadow Tips: How To Wear Glitter On Your Eyes

Adding a bit of glitter onto your eyes can instantly glam up any look and as promised, here are a few ways you can wear glitter on the eye area:

1. On The Eyelid
To use loose glitter as an eyeshadow, you will first need to apply a cream eyeshadow as a base so the glitter has something to stick onto. Next, wet an eyeshadow brush with MAC Water Base Mixing Medium and dip into the glitter. Press or pat the glitter onto your eyelid until you have achieved the look you want. Never try to blend or the glitter will fall off. Finish with liner and mascara. Clean up any fallouts with a fan brush or scotch tape.

For a complete breakdown of the look, check out this entry.

2. As An Eyeliner
Putting glitter along your lash line can give you a sexy pop of color without screaming too much attention. The easiest way to do this is with a glitter pencil or liquid eyeliner. MAC Glitter Liners come in a variety of gorgeous colors that will stay put all day and make your eyes sparkle in no time. Another way is to apply loose glitter with a wet brush on top of a gel liner.

3. On Eyelashes
There are two ways you can wear glitter on your eyelashes.

* Use a clear mascara that comes with glitter like Majolica Majorca Lash Freeze Mascara. Apply on the tip of your eyelashes for a truly glamorous look.

* Wear a pair of glitter false lashes. Ardell Elegant Eyes line makes a decent collection of glitter false lashes at low prices.

How To Pick The Right Glitter
Picking the right glitter is very important. You want something that is super fine and not chunky. I personally *love* Make Up For Ever and MAC Glitters.

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  1. I absolutely *love* this look! thanks for the tutorial =) btw, could you do a tutorial on how to draw eyebrows like yours? they look so natural to me =)


  2. I love your eyes ! Glitter are very beautiful, I’m going to try this look for Christmas. And what are the circle lenses that you wear ?
    Thanks a lot for your advices and makeup lessons, it’s very nice :)
    xOxO Célie (sorry for my bad english, I’m french lol…)

  3. Luvs the look!! I use a roll on glitter that has really fine sparkles in it that look gorgeous. I do my makeup how I want it, and then I roll on the glitter. Works perfect!

  4. If you’re not supposed to blend, how do you get the color in the crease..? Do you put that on first or that is ok to blend as long as you’re careful around the glitter..?

  5. Elina,

    Since you’re putting the glitter on the eyelid, you can blend the color on the crease.

    What I do is use a cream eyeshadow as a base, then I do the crease and pat the glitter on the eyelid.

  6. You have listed some good ideas in this article, but I disagree with your advice about art store glitter. You DO NOT want to use art glitter, because it can contain sharp pieces of plastic, which can harm your eyes. Cosmetic glitter isn’t made from plastic, so it is safer for the eyes. I believe even MAC doesn’t recommend using their glitter on the eyes.

    So if you are looking for glitter,check out some of the mineral makeup companies, they have glitter that is eye safe. It’s always better to be safer when it comes to your eyes than to do something that can harm you.

  7. Hi Phyllis,

    So I am Chinese also, and I think my eyes are similar to yours – I have a crease but it’s not very deep (like European eyes), but I don’t not have any crease at all. I noticed you use shadows to make your crease look deeper, like in this photo – but every time I try I end up just looking like I punched myself in the eye 😉

    I usually just blend a gradient – darkest color on the lid beneath the crease and slowly getting lighter above the crease (the smokey eye look). But I want to learn how to make my crease look deeper. Do you have tips or a tutorial on that? Thank you!

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