Win A Posietint From Benefit Cosmetics!

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Published on September 23, 2008 with 158 Comments

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthBenefit Cosmetics is now giving away a free Posietint to 5 lucky readers of Makeup For Life!

Posietint ($28) is a bubblegum-pink tinted lip & cheek stain, which is similar to Benefit’s award-winning Benetint. It comes in an uber cute pink bottle with an applicator just like a nail polish and on my NC30 skin, it imparts a natural, dewy pink glow. To use, simply apply 3 dots onto your cheeks/lips, blend fast and voila! pink, flushed cheeks and lips that stay on all day.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog with a valid e-mail address along with your name. 5 lucky winners will be picked randomly and their names will be announced on my blog on October 3rd, 2008. One entry per person and US residents only. Good luck!

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  1. omygsoh i am so stupid. My name is Min Park –

  2. i’m not a US resident but just stopping by to say i love your blog =]

  3. Oooh tints! I’ve always wanted to try them, and I’ve heard that benefit is a great line. btw, love your blog!

  4. This looks cute and perfect for Fall~~~ I’ve never tried a lip/cheek stain before so this would be awesome! Pick me Please~~~~ :D

  5. wow !i really like posietint!! love your blog!

    cheryl yap

  6. I really want to try posie tint. Most of my blushes are berry or plum colored. I want to try pink.

    Charliane Foronda

    we won’t get spammed if we post our email addresses here, will we?

  7. I have been reading your blog for forever, and you are seriously informative. I really appreciate it and I will be continuing to read :) Good job!!!! :D

  8. This is great. I’m only very addicted to your fab blog. Thanks!
    jskeris (at) hotmail ((dot)) come

  9. Ooh, I’d love to try this!


  10. yay posey tint! the MA used it on me, it was pink and not as red as the benetint one.

  11. Awesome! Love your blog!

    Jessica Powers

  12. Awesome, thanks so much!


  13. hahahha yesss yesss love your blog. Always cool freebie =]]


  14. ooh pretty!


  15. Yay free stuff!

  16. I can’t wait to try it!


  17. yay! heheh i’ve been looking at them for awhile ;D


  18. That looks so pretty! BTW I love your blog so much!


  19. I’ve always heard great reviews of this brand and this product (including the benetint) is great for all skin colors. Keep up the good work Phyllis

    Debbie S.

  20. I’ve always heard great reviews of this brand and this product (including the benetint) is great for all skin colors. Keep up the good work Phyllis

    Debbie S.

  21. I’ve always heard great reviews of this brand and this product (including the benetint) is great for all skin colors. Keep up the good work Phyllis

    Debbie S.

  22. your blog saves lives.

  23. ooooh i hope i get it. love ur blog xo (christy)

  24. Didn’t know Benefit had a new stain out, but I do love the smell of Benetint!

    Congratulations on having Benefit sponsoring your blog, it’s expanding everyday =]


  25. ooh i’ve always liked benetint. i’m sure this is just as great!


  26. Ohhh that looks sooo cute. adn <3 ur blog!

  27. heeyyy!!!!!
    My name is michelle, email:

    I love free stuff as much as the next chick!

    p.s. I love your blog XD. I know you’ve heard it a billionkajillion times already XD.


  28. this is the best blog ever phyllis!! any thoughts on the new MAC collections? i’m excited to see the ungaro collection!

  29. I have never tried any of these…but would love to!

  30. HI, Fan of your blog and I’m happy to enter your contest.greatidea on the nails they work incredible and time saving to!!! Keep them comin.

  31. Elizabeth ( forgot to put my name w/comment. If I am disculified .Thank you for giving me an oppurtunity for trying….

  32. I’d love to try this!
    Stephanie Richmond

  33. I tried it at Sephora and it’s a gorgeous color!


  34. :) Awesome.


  35. cool..would love to try it out, have a couple of benefit’s products, and they’re pretty good!
    btw, i LOVE ur BLOG!! love ur reviews and fashion updates, keep it up~

    - MANDY

  36. Ooh how exciting!!

    infa1 at cheerful dot com

  37. I would like to try this.


  38. i love visiting your blog… there’s always something fun and interesting to read!


  39. ooh, i would love one of these. *fingers crossed


  40. ooo thats such a pretty pink color!!!

    I also have a question, how long does it approx. take for foundation to set in?

  41. thanks for this contest!

  42. Hi Im Simone.
    Ive always wanted to try this but the price scares me a little

  43. Love Love LOVE your site! And if I want tips on a certain makeup subjects your site is so organized and cute!


  44. love your site <3
    nancy tran

  45. ur so prettyyy &&
    i love your site <3
    nancy tran

  46. ooh this sounds awesome. would love to try it!

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