EOTD: Smoky Orange and Purple Eye Makeup

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Published on July 09, 2008 with 30 Comments

It has been a while since I posted any FOTDs so here are some pictures of the eyes I did tonight.

Orange and purple Smoky Eye with MAC Firespot and Climate Blue eyeshadows

MAC Firespot and Climate Blue eye makeup
Smoky Orange and Purple eye makeup

What I Used

* Redpoint Transformative Dual Foundation in Medium as a concealer
* GEO Nudy Lens in Brown
* Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel to fill in eyebrows
* Lumene Eye Makeup Base as a primer
* MAC Firespot eyeshadow on entire eyelid
* MAC Climate Blue eyeshadow on outer corner blended up onto the crease and lower eye
* MAC Solar White eyeshadow under brow bone
* Benefit Bad Gal Liquid Liner along upper lash line
* Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White on lower waterline
* Rimmel Glam’ Eyes Mascara in Extreme Black on lower lashes
* Ardell False Lashes in Gisele


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  1. Really Pretty!

  2. your eyes look lovely.. Do you know any good product that helps with stretch mark?

  3. your eyes look lovely… Do you know any good product that helps with stretch mark?

  4. Very pretty! wat do you look like without makeup? brave enough to share with us? with the falsies and the contacts?

  5. I actually work in the makeup industry, and seeing this pic… I am VERY impressed!!

  6. wow your eyes really look great here. the contacts rock~

  7. How do you get the eyeliner to wing out evenly? Mine always works on one side but not the other! Is there a trick to it or just practice?

  8. You rock color contacts… I have never seen anyway who look as natural as you do!

  9. This is a beautiful look! I never would have thought of this color combo…such an inspiration!

  10. Stunning!!!

  11. awww thanks =)

    You can check out the following entry for more tips on lining your eyes:


  12. Wow that is hot!

  13. did you dye your eyebrows by any chance? i like the shade of brown…

  14. YummyTummy, nope I just used the Rimmel brow pencil.

  15. it looks gorgeous!

  16. Your eyes are AMAZING. Can you please do more step-by-step posts? I love the looks you do, but I would love to see the process!

  17. love it!
    Are you ever going to do a video step by step video?

  18. love it!
    Are you ever going to do a step-by-step picture/video tutorial?

  19. Hey! I hope my comment is “constructive”, lol. Anyway:

    Have you ever considered doing a video tutorial or tutorial with step by step pictures? They’re really helpful!

    Also, I think it’d be great if you posted an EOTD/FOTD every week or so, just a couple pictures and the products you used, in additional to your tutorials.

  20. OMG i tried this and its just awesome everyone thought i had it done professionally!!

  21. Fabulous eye look! It’s so unusual to see an orange-toned eyeshadow, but it looks great on you. And may I say, I totally dig the false eyelashes. They make you look totally glam and I couldn’t even tell for a few minutes that they were fake! Excellent application- mind sharing the technique with us chickens? (And by chickens, I mean gals like me, too afraid of getting glue in the eye to wear falsies!)

  22. i love your contacts!
    do you have a good eye makeup remover recommendation?


  23. Yi Ling,

    Right now I am *loving* Botanics’ Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (you can find this at Target or at Boots if you are located in the UK).

    For more eye makeup remover reviews, check out:


  24. Well, it is quite hard to make a constructive comment for this post, but I’ll try I’ll try…

    The makeup is -gorgeous-.
    I would love to get proper tutorials for your looks, because they are so good. Seeing the products used isn’t enough.. It takes time to write tutorials though so I understand if you don’t want to.

  25. Wow! your makeup is sooooo sick. it looks really, really good on you. Plus, your contacts are really pretty and actually kinda natural looking! =D

  26. Your contacts are amazing!!! Would’ve never thought of using Orange and Purple together! I’m totally trying this, thanks for the idea,

  27. oh woww your eyes look gorgeous ! I luv the color combination & the circle lenses ur wearing…blahh..if I only I could find some good pigmented eyeshadow >__<

  28. hello! :) i just stumbled upon your page after a google search on “creme de la chrome” and think you are gorgeous! excellent makeup and you’re overall look is just WOW.


  29. I absolutely LOVE your eyelashes here! What brand/# are they?

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