MAC Colour Forms Collection Reviews and Photos

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Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Colour Forms Eyes x 5 Palette ($38)
These come with 5 complementary shades in either cool or warm tones. Each palette also includes a 213SE brush for application of the eyeshadow. Both palettes are great and all the colors go really well with one another. I personally like the Warm Eyes palette more though and the eyeshadows in it seem to be more pigmented compared to the Cool Eyes.

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthZorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

* Radial Pink – Frosty white pink (V)
* Brown Border – Frosty plum(VP)
* Spot Colour – Mid-tone blue purple with white pearlized pigments (L)
* Blue Spill – Mid-tone cornflower blue with gold pearlized pigments (F)
* Slate – Smoke grey (S)

* Fertile – Blackened brown (S)
* Chillproof – Frosty creamy white (F)
* Tancentic – Frosty beige pink (VP)
* Rolled Gold – Frosty golden olive (L)
* Rustic – Frosted copper red (VP)

Colour Forms Lips x 3 ($22.5)
These come with 3 complementary shades either in cool, neutral and warm tones and a 316SE Brush which can be used for controlled lipstick or eye liner application. They are pretty but nothing really stood out to me.
Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthZorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthZorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

From left to right:

Neutral Lips
* Altered Beige Lipstick – Creamy yellow beige (L)
* Square Root Lipstick – Mid-tone burnt bronze (F)
* Lunar Lipglass – Sheer creamy yellow beige with white pearlized pigments

Cool Lips
* Miss Rose Lipstick – Creamy mid-tone blue pink (L)
* Cassis Royale Lipstick – Sheer mid-tone plum (L)
* Virginity Lipglass – Sheer mid-tone pink with pink pearlized pigments

Warm Lips
* Fresh and Fun Lipstick – Creamy neutral coral (F)
* Oh Garnet Lipstick – Creamy mid-tone red (A) (Repromote from Adorn)
* Flash of Flesh Lipglass – Sheer peach pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Repromote from D’Bohemia. This is also the exact same colour as the Kei lipglass that was released with MAC for Y and Kei.)

Colour Forms Brush Set ($49.50)
Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthZorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthZorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

From left to right:

5 Basic Brushes (red)
* 129SE – All-purpose for blush or face powder.
* 190SE – A foundation brush designed to create even finish, flawless look.
* 224SE – For controlled eye shadow application.
* 242SE – For powder, concealer or emollient-based product application.
* 266SE – For creating sharp, precise lines.

5 Advanced Brushes (green and blue)
* 187SE – A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments.
* 168SE – For expert application of cheek contour.
* 212SE – Lines and define the eye with color.
* 219SE – For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line.
* 275SE – For applying and blending eye shadow.

For reviews on some of these brushes, check out Makeup Brushes Reviews Part I – Face and Makeup Brushes Reviews Part II – Eyes

Colour Forms Lipstick ($14)
These all come in the Lustre formula. Each lipstick contains an outer shade complemented by a color-coordinated sheer pearl finished core.
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From left to right:

* Pop Circle – Creamy bright blue pink outer with sheer pale pink pearlized core
* Naked to the Core – Creamy soft neutral pink outer with sheer beige pearlized core
* Inner Hue – Creamy mid-tone coral outter with sheer golden peach pearlized core
* Rose Go Round – Creamy burgundy outer with sheer golden pink pearlized core

Colour Forms Pigments ($19.50)
All of these are new except Jardin Aires which is a repromote from the Strange Hybrid and Heatherette collections; and Steel Blue, which is a MAC Pro pigment.
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From top to bottom (left to right):

* Steel Blue – This “rich deep turquoise greenblue with small pearlized pigments” has been around for a really long time. It is a pretty, super metallic blue. The only downside is its texture. It is very chunky and I would suggest using it damp with a dense brush like MAC’s #239 and to apply in a patting motion.

* Jardin Aires – This “frosty tan with gold pearlized pigments” looks almost like a champagne color and is very similar to MAC’s Dazzleray pigment. It is super pigmented and has a chunky texture just like Steel Blue.

* Gilded Green – This is a “frosty mid-tone green with gold pearlized pigments” that looks like a minted version of MAC’s Kelly Green pigment. It has one of the smoothest texture out of the bunch and is decently pigmented too.

* Tea Time – This “bronzed brown with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments” is a little sheer compared to the rest of the pigments from this collection. It is a medium brown with tiny gold sparkles and is definitely my favorite from this collection. I like to use this on the crease on all over the lid.

* Circa Plum – This “frosty mid-tone lavender” looks kind of plummy in the jar but shows up a very pretty, uber frosty taupe with purple undertones. Like Tea Time, it tends to be on the sheer side but it looks hot paired with a purple like MAC’s Viz A Violet pigment.

* Royal Flush – Described as a “frosty mid-tone red”, this tomato red may look a little intimidating in the jar but since it is cool-toned, it is actually a lot more wearable than you think. It also has a similar texture to Gilded Green and is pretty pigmented. I love pairing this with Tea Time.

Colour Forms Richmetal Highlighter ($16.50)
These are metallic highlighters that can be used to create intense, multi-dimensional effects on the skin. They were previously released with MACouture, but with different colors. They are very similar to MAC’s Cream Color Base but with a richer color payoff (I actually prefer these to the CCB). They go on very smoothly, never crease and are perfect as a base for eyeshadow.
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From left to right:

* Dark Influence – This is a “frosty purple with pink pearlized pigments”. It looks gorgeous on the crease with another color on top or simply by itself on the lid.

* Deep Deposit – This “frosty deep blackened burgundy” is also pretty but can look bruised on certain skin tones.

* Female – This is a “frosty pale pink with green gold pearlized pigments”. It looks pink in the pan but shows up as a very pale white with lots of green undertones on me.

* Quick Flash – This “frosty warm gold” is probably the most versatile color out of the bunch. It is a beautiful gold that looks great on its own, on the crease or as a highlighter.

* Positive Charge – This is a “frosty copper with gold pearlized pigments”. It showed up nicely on my NC30 but is a little too warm for my taste.

* Rose Bullion – This “frosty mid-tone pink with gold pearlized pigments” is definitely the prettiest out of the bunch. It reminds me of MAC’s Apricot Pink pigment and would look beautiful as an eyeshadow or a blush.

Colour Forms Powder ($24.50)
This is a new product from MAC. Each powder contains 4 complementary shades presented in a square graphic pattern. Both powders are really pretty to look at but tend to be on the sheer side. Play Around Pink barely showed up on my NC30 skin while Sun Centered showed up a slightly darker color than my natural skin tone which can be good for contouring.
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From left to right:

Play Around Pink
* Intense blue mid-tone pink with pearlized pigments
* Plum
* Soft pink with pink & white pearlized pigments
* Light pink

Sun Centered
* Coral with gold pearlized pigments
* Mid-tone bronze
* Soft wheat with gold & silver pearlized pigments
* Soft peach with white pearlized pigments

My Haul
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Without flash

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
With flash

From left to right: Gilded Green, Royal Flush, Circa Plum and Tea Time pigments, Quick Flash and Dark Influence Richmetal Highlighters.

Image credits: Specktra and Nordstrom.


  1. nice haul! i bought the warm eyes palette instead but i might go back for the tea time pigment

    cant wait to see a look from u with these products!

  2. I am going shopping ASAP for the cool eyes palette, I find the colors so bright and amazing and i love the cool looking case more, i could show it off to my friends, PLEASE do a demo! Thanks!!

  3. Wow the packaging is really nice n the colors r so gorgeous @__@!! gahh i luv MAC stuff it's always so pretty >__<..I agree w/the others u should do a look with the items u bought XD

  4. I like your haul too. I wish I knew how to work with them like you do, can’t wait to see your face of the day with them. I like all the pigments you bought especially like the purple, green, and brown one. If you were a newbie makeup person and was into subtle color/neutral colors which of these pigments would you choose? haha I don’t know… but I wanted to add that I like your advice. Thanks!

  5. I think MAC is genius in marketing. They know how to “package” things right for making old things look new and refreshing. It’s all about presentation indeed.

  6. I really love the warm pallette. I have green eyes and think the colours pretty fits them. Unfortunately they’re not in Turkey yet.