Total Beauty Blog Summit 2008

Last weekend, I attended Total Beauty’s very first Blog Summit in Los Angeles. I had a total blast and it was so great to finally meet the awesome Total Beauty team and all my fellow beauty bloggers. The 3 day event was jam-packed with tips from makeup, hair and skincare pros, advice from blogging and pr experts, makeovers and lots more. Read on for more pics and a brief recap!

Saturday was a *long* day! We got to meet with several beauty brands and attend different presentations and workshops. First, Dr. Alan Hirsch introduced us to Sensa, a patented, breakthrough tastant technology which utilizes your senses of smell and taste to reduce your appetite and help you lose weight.

Next, 5 top beauty bloggers – Annie from Bella Sugar, Nadine from Jolie Nadine, Tia from Shake Your Beauty, Annie from The Jet Set Girls and Kristen from BeautyRiot – shared the inspiring stories behind their blogging careers and offered advice to us.

After that, Total Beauty announced its community awards and I was very honored to have won the Award for Best Content out of the 100 blogs on the Total Beauty Network. Thank you guys *so* much for all the support!

A big thank you to Lilan from The Daily Cookie for snapping this picture for me =)

Then comes the workshop sessions. I started with IQ Derma in which they introduced us to their integrative approach to skin care and analyzed our skin with a machine called Visia (read my results here). Then I attended two very helpful workshops by the Total Beauty team on how to improve our blogging and skills.

After the workshop sessions, Redpoint, whose packaging I absolutely adore, gave us the 411 on their makeup products and a few pointers on some of the fall makeup trends. Next came celebrity hairstylist from Salon Gregories and founder of Kronos Hair products, Dusty Simington (god I just love this guy!) Dusty gave us the scoop on fall hair trends and treated three ladies to a hair makeover. I also snagged an exclusive interview with Dusty on tips for Asian hair for some of you so definitely check back if you are interested!

The summit wrapped up with a presentation on Lisa Hoffman’s line of skincare products – a line devoted to “simplify the beauty process, making it easier to use and convenient to carry, while providing products that represent the best ingredients that science and nature have to offer”.

Sunday started with a brunch at the Ares Hotel followed by a Q&A/feedback session with the Total Beauty team and a great workshop on PR with Lucy Moore. Below is me with the girls during brunch:

L to R: Me, celebrity makeup artist Agostina from makeup2beauty, Marsadie from , Alison from Advice Sister Alison’s Guide to Life, Love & Happiness and Cailin from The Beauty Bunny.


  1. Congrats on the award!!! They are definitely right! You always have interesting stuff to read!! You also look amazing!!! Love your hair color! What did you use?

  2. Congrats and seems like you had a good time! I have a quick question. How do you become a part of total beauty and attend these events? Or do you need to have a blog?

  3. You’re gorgeous! I had so much fun chatting and hanging out with you, thanks for all your advice as well =)

  4. Thank you *so* much for all the compliments and support! =)

    Total Beauty contacted me to join their blog network so yes you do need a blog to do this.

  5. Congratulations! Please Please do a beauty breakdown :) of the look you wore with the red top, it’s absolutely perfect!

  6. OMG you are amazingly GORGEOUSSS… no jokee
    i am soo jealous of how you do your make up so beautifully ((well duhh!)) I love reading your blogs && i **love** M.A.C. too.
    keep it upp!!!

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