Redpoint Cosmetics Reviews

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthThanks to the Total Beauty Blog Summit 2008, I got to bring home a bag of goodies from Redpoint, a “revolutionary line of color cosmetics infused with breakthrough anti-aging and skin transforming complexes, to make you look and feel better than you ever have”.

At first glance, the red packaging (and even the price tag) reminded me a lot of my favorite Japanese makeup line – Inoui – which was created by the supa dupa awesome Dick Page but is now discontinued *sob* And because of that, I was hoping that this line would somehow be comparable to Dick’s line.

After testing some of their products for over a week, I have to say they are all of really good quality and I am truly impressed with the line. Below are some reviews of the products that I absolutely adore:

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthNOC-Out Cover-Up Compact ($38)
This concealer definitely reminds me a lot of Inoui The Enhancer. Perhaps it is the oh-so-sleek red compact that is about the size of a MAC powder compact or simply the fact that it contains different shades to “neutralize, obliterate and conceal” imperfections (hence the name NOC, how clever right?) The yellow is meant to neutralize the appearance of redness; the salmon color to obliterate dark spots or any heavy pigmentation; and the beige to conceal any discolorations on the eye area. Texturewise, this feels slightly waxier than most concealers yet it goes on very smoothly and does not feel dry nor heavy at all. I use mostly the beige color to cover up my undereye circles and it has never failed me. Two dabs of this baby under my eyes and more than half of my undereye circles are gone! The uber natural finish also means you can use it with or without foundation. This is totally worth the $38!

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthRejuvenating Bronzing Silk with Kabuki Brush ($38)
This is the most expensive and silkiest bronzer I ever used! It comes in a sleek red compact about the size of MAC’s powder compacts. It contains Lipexel, “a vital plant-derived ingredient to help enhance the skin’s moisture content and prevent the drying effects normally associated with powder” and is also packed with anti-aging ingredients to make it super fine. It feels very soft and creamy on and the finish is a silky, matte glow that never looks cakey. The custom-made Kabuki brush that it comes with is also very soft and great for application. My only complaint is that it does not come with a cap but other than that, it is perfect with the bronzer.

Check out the rest of Redpoint’s products at They are currently doing a promotion where you can get a 3 piece try-me kit for only $19.50 – check it out!

Image credit: Redpoint.


  1. Definately want to try the try-me-kit since I want to test out the concealer. Thanks for the review!

    btw, do you know any promotional codes for Redpoint..? like free shipping? :)

  2. wow 40 bucks for concealer and bronzer? 20 bucks for eyeliner? I think Ill stick to Mac and get the same quality for half the price. Im sorry but gas is too expensive for us to be spending this much on something thats cheaper and some would agree, better.

  3. Hie…I love reading your blog & u really are a make up guru!!! Btw, I was thinking of purchasing either stila’s smudgepot gel liner or smashbox’s cream eyeliner trio…which would u recommend? & what’s the difference between gel & cream liners? I hope u’ll be able to let me know =) Thanks…

  4. I was inspired by your blog (and MUA posts) to get that 3-piece kit for the NOC concealer and I’m really glad I did. I absolutely love the creamy concealer – it does by far the best job of covering blemishes and blending into my skin of any concealer I’ve ever tried. And I might love the “hydraboost firming powder” in the kit just as much. Even though I’m only 25 and wasn’t really expecting to use this, it’s actually replaced my foundation. Thanks so much for your review, and turning me on to this line. I’m thinking of getting the eye pencil too now!