LA here I come!!!!

Hi ladies, I will be flying out to Los Angeles this weekend to attend a beauty summit. I will take lots of pictures and keep you guys posted on everything. Have a great weekend!


  1. can’t wait to see what you discover!
    and i would really appreciate more makeup tips for girls with brown eyes (and/or dark hair and medium skin)!
    keep up the great work girl :)

  2. Hey Phyllis!
    Hope you have/had a good trip.
    Would you by any chance be able to do an entry for graduation ceremonies? I am so stuck ><"

  3. it was awesome meeting you this weekend. you really are just as pretty and as sweet as you appear on your blog! i didn’t get to say bye to you, but i’m always reading so KIT!

  4. Help! We have a prom this june and I have no budget to have my makeup done in the parlor so i’m on my own. My skin is brown and has some deep pimple scars because i had acne before. Also, my skin is a bit oily. I would just like to ask what type of make-up is proper for my skin type.
    Have fun in LA. :)