<3 you guys!!!!!


I just want to give a HUGE thank-you to all of you for your comments, e-mails and messages. You guys have been too kind and I promise I will come up with even better contents and not let you down. If you have any feedback/suggestions on how I can make my blog better, feel free to e-mail me at makeup_forlife@yahoo.com =)


  1. just keep the great work up.. i love visiting your blog regularly and picking up great tips! thank you for taking the time and effort.

    what i really enjoy is the reviews on mac make-up, all the great tips on everything and celebrity break-downs!

    i’m looking forward to more articles working with/make up for dark-brown eyes and medium skin, breakdowns with celebrities with similar features, more on make-up for contacts, and working with/waving straight frizzy hair and more on weightloss!

    you’re amazing.. keep doing your thing!

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