Hey girls, hope you have all been well. Sorry for not updating this blog as much as I would like to. Things have been super crazy over here lately BUT the good news is, I am working on some major changes so stay tuned!


  1. haha i forgive you! =p just joking, keep up the good work. really love your new display picture, its a really pretty look.

  2. you’re so pretty in you profile pic! I look forward to your updates :) ps. can you post pics of you wearing the different BB creams on your entire face? Thanks!

  3. Hi! You’re gorgeous (from your profile pic.)

    Your blog is really helpful; I was looking for info on BB creams.

    When you do a CP again, please don’t forget me!

  4. Hey Phyllis, love your blogs! Have you ever tried any of Paula Begoun’s products? She wrote a review book called “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Store Without Me.”, which have gotten some really good raves. Now she has her own line of skincare and makeup. I was wondering if you’ve tried any of her skincare and if they’re good as people claim them to be. I’m wanting to order it, but checking to see if you’ve tried it at some point. Hope to hear from you soon!