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How To: Apply Bronzer Video Tutorial

Here is an awesome video tutorial on how to apply bronzer by smokin’ hot Canadian makeup artist, Beau Nelson. Beau has done makeup on a lot of celebs like Amanda Bynes, Sienna Miller and Iman. I *think* the two products he used in the…

November 20, 2007

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Depending On Your Face Shape

Having great eyebrows is essential for a polished look. So how do you nail the perfect shape for your brows? Try working with the bone structure of your face. Round A round face is almost as wide as it is as long with round…

November 12, 2007

Beauty DIY: Homemade Masks and Remedies

A little DIY beauty can be so fun! Here is a list of widely available ingredients that I use regularly for my very own homemade masks and treatments.…

October 27, 2007