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October 2007

Beauty DIY: Homemade Masks and Remedies

A little DIY beauty can be so fun! Here is a list of widely available ingredients that I use regularly for my very own homemade masks and treatments.…

October 27, 2007

Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Kim Kardashian

The gorgeous Kim Kardashian is famous for her heavily rimmed smoky eyes, long lush lashes and juicy nude lips. Read on to see how you can nail her look!…

October 24, 2007

MAC McQueen Collection Reviews

Inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2007 collection, MAC for McQueen is all about dark bushy eyebrows, ultra pale lips and cat eyes colored in solid blues and greens from the eyelid all the way up to the eyebrow. Totally hot and purrrrfect for Halloween!…

October 17, 2007
Product Reviews

Dove SkinVitalizer Review

After Gillette’s vibrating razor comes Dove’s vibrating facial massager, the SkinVitalizer ($10)! This AA battery-operated massager uses disposable pillows to scrub away makeup, oil and dirt, stimulate surface skin renewal and improve clarity for smooth, radiant skin. The product was originally released in 2006…

October 14, 2007